Day 71: Memorial Day 2020

Today started with grocery delivery from Safeway. I needed cake flour to make a cake today. Corwin’s birthday is today, and he asked for anything other than a yellow cake.

I was up before eight this morning to get the groceries. I nearly slept through the delivery last time, so I set the alarm to get me up. I woke before the alarm and was up with plenty of time. I put away the groceries and put the butter out to soften for the cake.

I had setup 18Chesapeake last night before heading to bed. I wanted to try it out again after the groceries were delivered. Slip it in before everyone woke up.

I managed to re-read the rules and found most of what I did wrong and learned how to run the stock market simulator and the operational round with more confidence. I did not have to return to the rules as much as the first dry-run. This is not a solo capable game, so I played two players.

The game flow was better. It looked quick interesting as you spend the stock phase running your wealth and ownership. In the operational phase, you run the floated train companies with paying dividends or not and driving the stock price up or down. I still had problems understand what a “route” is and why you cannot run it twice and the restrictions on different routes. I will have to read some more and maybe watch some videos as I am now getting too specific issues. I was happy with my improvements and put it away–I have a cake to make!


I managed to make Corwin a Chocolate Torte for his birthday. I have never made one before. I have a wonderful cookbook, The Cake Bible, that I use for baking. I followed the recipe “Perfect All-American Chocolate Torte” to make the dessert. Corwin and Susie liked it.

We used the fun lotus candle and Susie sang.


I also tried to make some Orange Chiffon Cupcakes, and they are best to be forgotten.

Dinner was from Wild Buffalo Wings, and one order had no sauce. We are not sure if it was them or us. We will be more careful next time. Corwin wanted WBW for his birthday.

Mom, Barb Wild, is still in the hospital. They are again running labs and trying to work out what to do. My sister, Linda Wild, is helping where she can.

I have to work tonight to finish an upgrade. It is already Tuesday in India.

I will have to make this short.

Reports today count over five-hundred deaths from the virus today on Memorial Day 2020. It is Memorial Day 2020 and so we will go with Taps.

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