Day 70: Sunday Memorial Weekend 2020

Today I missed everyone, yes, everyone. Summer is here, and we should be traveling or visiting or maybe playing Twilight Imperium with Casey and friends. Beer and steaks somewhere, not here at the Volvo Cave. Traffic should be a problem. We should be overcrowded in some bar in Portland, drinking something made here. Maybe a concert on the river standing-room-only. I miss it.

Today started later, as it is Sunday. I watched the online church, and I will leave it that I did not attend any more online church after that.

I have to admit I bingle watched more of The Man From U.N.C.L.E first season (1964) today. It is an old black and white, somewhat hopeful TV show with the USA and the Soviet Union working together to ensure the safety of the world. The show was created just before all the actors that play as guest stars are picked up for their own shows. For example, I and sure you would be surprised to see Leonard Nemoy (Mr. Spock) using a Russia-like accent as a stooge in an embassy with Werner Klemperer (Col. Klink) as the ambassador and William Shatner (Capt. Kirk) as a chemist all in the same episode. About half-way through the first season, the acting and writing started to work. I was at first disappointed, and now I enjoy the wacky plots and excellent heroes and villains. I cannot recommend it, but I enjoy it.

I also had bad news from Michigan today. My mother is in the hospital with low sodium and is being kept overnight. So I spent much time waiting and talking and texting. My sister, Linda, in Michigan is handling this the best she can.

Yesterday I also received word from India that the villages I visited so many years ago were damaged by the recent cyclone. This picture from India is from the Kakinada area in AP from my friend Rev. John. I believe I have been to this house or drove by it. I know where it is on a map!


Please help India as they are in lockdown and now this disaster at the same time. You can use UMCOR and ask to help the Kakinada area (specifically the Komaragiri, Nemam, and Pithapuram villages), or I can put you in contact directly with Rev. John if you would like to know more.

So much went wrong today, but we did manage dinner well. Corwin cooked ribeye steaks perfectly on the grill. We had Stella for beer. I washed and made the salad. The lettuce is from the veggie box we got from Olympia Provisions and had to be debugged. It is from a real farm and had clearly shown the lack of pesticides we expect from local food. I washed the lettuce three times. I remember when Susie was working in the Hebrew Home, and the Rabbi would clean all the lettuce over and over. I was finding my inner Rabbi today! We finished the baked potatoes on the grill, and that made them a bit crunchy and tasty. So dinner was perfect–may be blessed!

More than six-hundred Americans perished from the virus today. The New York Times listed the names of all the Americans they know that have died with a few words on some. The death rate has fallen today to March’s levels. The infection rate is holding the same for the last three weeks. I found this “Thank you, Lord.”




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