Day 69: Saturday with Vindaloo

This morning was a near mistake. I had not slept much for days, and so I slept into 9:30. The phone rang, missed the call, and then heard the truck! I ran out in my robe and stopped the Safeway truck. I had slept through the delivery of our groceries–I was once again having groceries delivered. With the use of a mask now becoming a political statement, I believe it is no longer safe to head back into Safeway, so I will order my groceries again.

I was initially ordering all my groceries online, and then the deliveries windows were weeks out. It appears that Safeway and others have fixed this so I can order again. Now I feel I have too.

I started on a DIY project. A model room in a book store: Sam’s Study. I managed to get started and then put it away to play a board game.

We decided to try Fury of Dracula, one of my best games. It is a hidden movement game that is the hunt of Dracula. One player is Dracula, and everyone else is hunting the vampire. It is now in its third version (with a fourth edition that is a reprint).


I made Pork Vindaloo today from the same recipe I used before, but that time I used chicken. It was a great success with pork. It is not an easy dish to make, but I am getting more comfortable as I have now done it more than once.

While I was waiting for that, I managed to get a few pictures of my roses. I am not sure what the name of this one is. It looks like a David Austin Rose.


And this rose, with the substantial sharp thorns, is lovely to look at. It is just getting going now.


I did have to get out and get gas for the gas grill. Corwin goofed and forgot to turn it off last time. Happens. Steaks for Sunday. Grilling is mandated this weekend I think.

I also, while keeping distance, went over to the next door’s backyard to see the amazing landscaping Chris is doing. He is putting doing a dry stream in the back. We talked, and it better to work on your house and maybe add rooms than try to buy something and remodel it. Homes are just too expensive.

About the board game, I played Dracula and won. I defeated the hunters three times and managed to score one vampire placed. As Dracula, I managed to circle around the hunters in Germany and France–they thought I was in the East. The hunters found one of my vampires and then had terrible luck and were defeated by it twice.

More than one-thousand people lost their lives to the virus today in the USA. The song is a country version of a hymn, but I like the fiddle playing: Lord, I am Coming Home.

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