Day 73: Wednesday @ Home

It was a hot sunny it-can-be-Oregon-in-May day. May is usually cold and damp. I just turned on the AC as the house reaches 77.

I was back to working from home. We had a crisis of the moment or two. Hours and hours of video conferences. Follow-ups at 8PM.

The stock market and specifically Nike stock went up. The White House then decided to declare Hong Kong no longer receiving special trade conditions as it was now just like the rest of China, and that managed to dampen the Market’s enthusiasm. China’s spokesperson, of course, said that Hong Kong is still special, and the USA should keep Hong Kong’s special status. I am still headed to break even by June on my 401K. Nike stock is just below 100. This all despite the eye-rolling-causing statements from the White House and China.

Susie is better today. The bright light and warm weather seem to be helping. She ate her dinner outside on the deck. She rode her bike.

Lunch was reheated Chinese food (the irony is not lost on me). My fortune cookie said that my decisions tomorrow will be correct. I am so far agreeing.


It was a lovely day, so I took some photos of my roses.


It was a simple day. I did get some writing and reading done today.

Dinner, as it was National Burger Day, was burgers from BJ Brewhouse and potato skins (no green onions) for Susie.

Today’s report for the USA of more than one-thousand five-hundred dead from the virus was as much as the last two days combined. The infection rate also increased. I think I have done this one before, but I like this version: Standing on the Promises of God.


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