Day 74: Thursday @ Home

Again, 5:30AM came too soon. I awoke with a toothache and asthma. I have a problem with my bite that is moving my teeth wrong. The dentist tried to fix it last time. I just need to be more gentle until it settles. Aspirin reduces swelling and got the pain under control. Inhalants reduced breathing issues.

Today was another working at home day–like usual. I handled email and a crisis of the moment a couple of times. We had a department Zoom meeting lead by the Chief Operating Officer, Andy Campion, at 7:30AM. The emergency was most of the discussion from Nike leadership. They wanted us to know that we have a plan and what the outline of it is. Then the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Narayana Nadella, was the special guest and he spoke about how he believes in growth for people and for Microsoft. Satya Nadella is a very dynamic speaker and came from an engineering background making him very popular with us. He recommended a book Mindset–his vision of the culture he wants for Microsoft is embodied in the book (clearly he suggests the same guidance for Nike). I ordered a paperback copy to be delivered during the meeting. It was strangely cheaper in the new paperback form than the Kindle version! It was a good meeting.

I continued in the morning with more meetings, emails, and a few crisis of the moment.

Lunch again was reheated Chinese food.

I took most of my afternoon meetings in Zoom on the deck. It was a wonderful day. The other people on the meeting stayed inside–I am not sure why. It was 89F today, but a nice breeze took the edge off the heat.

We had to start the AC today, again.

Susie was up late afternoon. She had a late breakfast. I took her for a drive and picked up some prescription and then got some tacos from Taco Bell for me for dinner (everyone else had just eaten a late lunch). This was my first time at Taco Bell in six months. The food was exactly the same as the last time I was there. The facemask, shields, touchless pay, and the food placed in a tray were aligned to the times.

Corwin made dinner for him, Evan, and Susie later: Pasta, cream sauce, chicken, and bacon.

My friend Richard, one of my Portland gaming connections, texted me to ask if I was ready to return to gaming. Sadly, I turned him down. I am not prepared to risk trips to Portland–I am not sure that Portland and Washinton country are ready to leave lockdown. Richard, let me know that I am missed. I miss playing Fridays to late and driving home from Portland. I love to drive my XC60 Volvo!

We got out Killer Bunnies. Evan got the magic carrot after most bunnies were lost to an asteroid impact. This is Susie’s favorite game. Always fun to get another play of this simple and funny game.


We then played Skull. Corwin and I both won one game. Skull is a bidding and bluffing game that is highly recommended by Will, who I lose a lot of games too. I keep a copy of the game in the car at his suggestion. It is small and easy to learn.

The stock market went up and then the President signed an executive order to try to end social media and the market tanked.

Over one-thousand, two-hundred people died today in the USA from the virus according to the reports. Today’s hymn is not known to me: O Splendor Of God’s Glory Bright – Zac Hicks + Cherry Creek Worship.

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