Day 75: Friday @ Home

On Monday Washington Country is leaving lockdown to enter Phase I of re-opening. Susie has a hair appointment (and other items) on Tuesday now with Zerida. Her driver will be picking her up. I have a hair-cut planned for Friday at 2:15, I am beginning to look the part of the mad scientist. I might drive to Portland on Friday and attend a board game. Yipee!


Work was full of Zoom conferences to discuss our deliverables. We are working, again, another weekend to deliver the project. Our delivery date, Sunday, is set by the head of IT at Nike. Today we delivered the first two significant items and all the more manageable parts. The delivery requires an actual demonstration of the software and sign-off by that we delivered to the requirements. It was a bit stressful day for our software writers! Unfortunately, the last major piece needs a re-write that we started today. The vendor software failed to deliver, so we are back to writing it. We have a demo planned, even as we write it, on Sunday. Thus I will be helping all weekend.

Usually, Friday is a half-day as Nike closes at noon. I did have meetings in the afternoon. Next weekend should be less complicated.

I noticed that our local German styled restaurant, Bargarten, had a website now and was offering pick-up orders. We ordered a growler of beer and sausage dinner for four for pick-up. I called them to make sure they wanted us to bring a growler, no–that is no longer allowed with the virus restrictions, and this was all new to them. We opened Bargarten! We are the first order. They are getting ready to open for seating on Monday, June 1st when Washington County opens, and so they were doing pick-up orders now. They, in masks, were happy to hand over the food and beer. The food and the apple strudel was lovely. The beer was even better!

I am happy to help re-launch Washington County a bit early with beer and sausages.

The book I ordered showed today, Mindset. This is the book the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Narayana Nadella, used to better define the culture he wants at Microsoft. I am reading it.

I am also reading the next Maise Dobbs novel. I like crime-mystery books set in the 1930s. I recommend her stories. 

With all the chaos in the country, I did what I can do. I donated to the NAACP and to our local mosque. I cannot solve injustice, but I can make it clear that I am for justice. 

The stock market went up and down. The head of The Fed took questions from the Internet on Bloomberg today and he stated that The Fed has kept it “powder dry” and can react to further events if needed. The president attacked China in a speech. The experts are beginning to talk that the market is already beyond the bottom and maybe in entering a bull market. The president suggested shooting down people. It was a strange news day.

Today the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 again the Oregon constitution that someone can be convicted 10 out of 12 by a jury. The ruling overturned a previous ruling in 1972 that confirmed this type of conviction. I was on a jury that convicted a very bad dude with 10 out of 12. I am saddened that we did not work to get unanimity in our jury, as we would have likely done that or have dead-locked, a better outcome. I read in the Court’s opinion and it is supported by conservative and liberal justices including the notorious RBG. I agree with it and am sorry to be involved in what apparently was an injustice. The ruling also brings an end to the concept that the 14th amendment does allow state laws to trump federal law in certain cases. States may not reduce their citizen’s rights that are granted in the Federal Constitution, in this case, the 6th amendment in the Bill of Rights (right to a trial).

Dinner was more beer and more German-style food.

The death rate in the USA for today is reported at about the same number as yesterday, just over one-thousand, two-hundred. I opened the Methodist Hymnal I have at the house, and it turned to page #476 Lonely the Boat, and I found only one version from a choir on YouTube. Enjoy!


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