Day 77: Sunday End of Lockdown

Today I was online working all day. Our team had to deliver a data conversion today. We had to actually do a demonstration of the conversion. It took all day to get ready, and we had the software working within minutes of the deadline, but we did it at 4PM today and were accepted.

I spent most of the day online working with the team helping where I could.

Between work times, I was reading about the riots and protests all over the USA. I read the anarchist websites to understand how they protect themselves. I gave money to their bail-out fund (go-fund-me) and I could be targeted. The president declared the group terrorists and I willingly gave support.

Now before you email me about my poor choices, let me admit I likely do not agree with the folks I am helping to bailing-out, but I am willing to protect people’s right to protest this weekend. I am trying to act with compassion. When there is a fund for the damages, I will donate to it too.

I had lunch delivered, this last time–I plan to try lunch at a restaurant on Monday, from The Gyro House. I had an extra spicy lamb Gyro and ordered Susie a kid’s kabob lamb with fries. She had pizza instead. I had the lamb for dinner.

I have managed to start the next Howard story. Susie reviewed the Howard in Amsterdam and did not care for it. I did not explain the eldritch powers in the story, and so she was lost. I will consider adding a section with an educational film on the arcane horrors. Susie said the writing was good and clear.

Susie and I watched the news. She has been so disconnected that she did not know about the riots. We watched all the coverage of the riots, local and national, while she munch pizza, and I finished the lamb.

I then took a nap and am slept a bit long. The protests are continuing tonight. Susie is watching them now on TV.

It is reported that more than six-hundred people died from the virus here in the USA this Sunday. The national infection rate has also developed a strong negative slope–there is hope the limit has been reached and the rate will decline. So I went with the music for today from a Nobel Peace Prize Concert as it seemed to be needed: Queen Latifah “I know where I’ve been” 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Concert.

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