Day 1: Phase 1 Monday

We did 77 days in lockdown. It is now day 1 of working from home under Phase 1 of the re-opening plan. I have started a new count.

My wife was surprised to see me working from home as I told her the lockdown ended, it has, but I will continue to work from home. Susie was expecting me to drive to work today. Nike has some people back in the offices, but we are not even planned to return this quarter, after September 2020, if then.

I could not sleep last night, so I finished my novel, Maisie Dobbs book #4. I worked the weekend and had only a few hours of sleep and fell deep asleep on Sunday about 5PM after we delivered the big demo–I could not then fall back to sleep. I have my nights and days a bit mixed up. 6AM was hard today, but the afternoon was harder!

I was excited that the rules came in the mail from Pulp Alley today. I also bought the Fortune Cards and a book of scenarios–everything needed to play. This game system does not use a Game Master to run the game like most role-playing tabletop games do. Pulp Alley uses random cards and activation rules to run the game. A player is appointed the Director who runs the scenario and then is replaced as another play succeeds at a goal. The Director can stack the action to his or her advantage so it is also an advantage to be directing. I think the game will be an excellent role-playing experience–focusing on the play and less the mechanic. Also, you get two more characters to play in your “league.” This is something we use to do in old Dungeons and Dragons. It allows you more options than just playing one character all the time.

The writers seem to have harvested the best of Savage Worlds and Frost Grave with a bit of original Dungeons and Dragon simplicity I have not seen in a while. I will try to play some this week. It plays well for 1-4 players. I have found that four or more players do not work that well without a player running the game. These automated adventures become crowded and hard to manage with more than four players and four can be difficult. I did not buy the Solo deck and might regret that.


I first downloaded and printed out the start-up version with hand cut-out cards to try it.  I recommend trying that before making the investment; it is a bit expensive as it is not mass-produced. All the items are of high quality. And if you play, like I do, Call of Cthulhu you already have a bunch of 1920-1930 figures ready to be heroic. Those Darlek figures and The Doctor figures could be fun too.

I had Beefaroni for lunch with peaches. We still have a lot of canned pasta meals left from the emergency–Susie likes Beefaroni. It was not as terrible as the canned spaghetti and meatballs, and I added cheese. I still have a few cans left of the delicious peaches, DelMonte Freestone Peaches. A good and quick lunch.

Work became hard as meetings went on and on while I was starting to get very sleepy. I made it to 4PM.

I got a short 15 min. nap in to change gears and then made dinner. Porkchops, corn, and Stovetop stuffing from a box. I browned the chops in a pan and then put the pan in the oven to finish. It turned out a bit plain but good. Comfort food.

Safeway delivered the groceries tonight. At first we thought we had lost half the order to stocking issues at Safeway, but despite an email and a receipt that said half the order was lost–it was all there. I checked and I paid the whole amount too. I stopped shopping even with a mask and hand sanitizer when the virus started to show again in our area with higher infection rates. Also, wearing a mask has become a political statement and I am not willing to get involved with arguments with folks. I continue to wear a mask and be very careful.

We had a catch-up on our group that plays on-line Dungeons and Dragons using Roll20 on Mondays. We had folks traveling, and some could only come late, and I was not that well prepared yet, so this was just a quick meet-up online. I managed to get everyone’s characters transferred from the previous adventure and into the new experience: Dungeon of the Mad Mage. This is a vast adventure that has been translated into the electronic content in Roll20. We are continuing our campaign in this setting. Today was just to get everyone signed-in to the new game, each adventure is a new game in Roll20, and show the great reward they had earned from completing their last quest. One of the items I was proud of–I made it myself, a battle-ax that is self-aware and heals the welder and his/her/its allies when they do lots of damage. We will play our first actual game in the new setting next Monday. We had everyone fight a few monsters to check that everything was working.

For you who play Dungeons and Dragons, there is a new group headed down the Tavern Yawning Portal’s entrance the Mad Mage’s complex. Bets are being taken. 2-1, they will return. 3-1, they will never be heard from again. 4-1 they will return and bring great riches back with them and buy everyone a drink. Get your character’s bets in with your local DM!

The stock market was mostly up. President Trump tear-gassed the peaceful protesters after the market closed; we will see what will happen to the market with a new emergency. The experts think the investors have priced-in the risk of the virus to the economy and are now moving to post-virus thinking. Many of the experts believe this may be too risky. I did not make my goal today, my 401K improved to -1.86% loss for the year. I thought I would break even by June, close.

I watched the news and the riots. I am very unhappy with the tagging and breakage–just like everyone else. I angry with police and politicians trying to crush rights and killing people by direct violence or the violence of neglect. Also, I looked up the 1807 laws and know where we may be going. Soon I may be on the streets too.

Corwin was right, I should have gotten those high quality rebreathing masks. Originally for spray painting, but now I might need them for other uses.

The reports show the infection curve in the USA is falling. More than seven-hundred people died from the virus today in the USA. I found a very interesting version of this hymn today: Child So Lovely.







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