Day 2: Tuesday with hair

Work started with me sleeping too late and being quite late for my first meeting. I then had a crisis of the moment and a few more items. Mostly it was a day of trying to finish up loose ends on our recent delivery of software and getting ready to start the planning for the next quarter of work. The migraine headache did not help.

The news is full of the cologne of chaos, the smell of black powder, and odor of tear gas. I am very angry, but I will not dwell on the obvious here.

While all this was ongoing, total chaos, Susie had her first day out in more than 78 days for nails, hair, face, and so on. The state has unlocked stylists and off Susie went. Also, her driver Muhammad is back to take her. So we finally have Susie back to her normal schedule!


I made lunch from some hot dogs, sauerkraut, pickled beets, and pickled carrots. Most of these are leftovers from our previous orders. Susie had Eggos for breakfast-lunch.

I picked out this song for Susie’s first big day: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968). I hope you will play it–it is just fun.

The headache is not terrible, so I was able to watch the stock market ignore the virus, the perfume of chaos in our cities in the USA, and the unemployment number that suggests one-quarter of the country is out of work and shoot up like a rocket. My 401K losses are now reduced to -1.1 percent for the year. My thought to break even by June failed, but I think by the end of June I will be in the black for the year. My investment plan is simple, belief in the USA economy and continuously buy the markets.

I made Pork Vindaloo again for dinner. Corwin thought it excellent.

I wish I could make this more interesting, but I am tired, and the light hurts my eyes.

The deaths from the virus reported is over one-thousand, one-hundred today. The current infection number still appears to be coming down. I picked a prayer for today, Prayer of St. Francis,(Make Me A Channel of Your Peace) sung by Angelina, EWTN, as it seemed to be something we need today.

And you are not the only one that I sent this prayer too, I sent a wall plaque from Amazon to President Trump with this prayer on it. I hope it will help him find peace.

If he just read that prayer on TV I sent him, imagine the good that might happen!

Look for us here in Aloha, Oregon, where the smell of chaos has not yet reached, trying to find peace and a means to share it!



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