Day 3: Wednesday Phase 1

Today the riots cooled a bit into protests. Work began again at 6AM, which I was more ready for. I did drink almost a pot of coffee to get through the morning working from home still. The work was mostly status meetings, discussion on how data flows in the existing systems, and a few conversations about getting things built in the testing systems.

The day ended with a discussion with our team about how folks are doing. It ended with me sad and tears in my eyes. I am greatly saddened by how hard the racism still present in the USA is hurting my co-workers from around the world. I am heartbroken.

I had chicken noodle soup from a can for lunch. Corwin and I made Jambalaya from a box mix for dinner with sausage from Olympia Provisions that we still have. No seafood as Susie is allergic to fish. It is comfort food.

The stock market ignoring the virus, the battles in our cities, the racism exposed, and unemployment of 1 in 4 went up so fast it must have made a sonic boom! Nike stock reached more than $104 a share today. The stock market is showing a V-shaped recovery, while other indicators are showing a checkmark-shaped recovery.

We watched about half of the movie Moulin Rouge as I like the music–this is the new version of the story. I am sticking to musicals for a while. They seem to help me re-focus.

We had a request for this song: Alaska Hymn.

The reported infection rate, as measured by active cases, finally went down in the USA.

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 9.34.39 PM

More than one-thousand people were reported to have died from the virus today in the USA. Here is a song to remember our loss today from St. John Methodist in Alaska: St. John UMC Virtual Choir “Take Root In My Heart”.

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