Day 4: Phase 1 Thursday

Today started again with early meetings. I was up at 6ish and in my first Zoom meeting by 7:30. This was more data flow discussion. The workday was full of crises of the moment and Zoom meetings. The end of the day was another team meeting on racism and how we are all trying to understand the issues our country is facing. It left me sad and depressed, but I am happy to see our immediate leadership trying to help.

But as usual, lunch was the highlight of the day for me. Susie was dressed and ready by 1ish and so we drove over to the Golden Valley Brewery (GVB) and had lunch. Yes, lunch and beer with waiters and all that.


Actually, seeing people who we did not know and having food I did not have delivered or made ourselves was a treat!


So we had a nice lunch at the GVB, with me having fish and chips and meatloaf for Susie. Steve was our waiter, and he was at the car wash if you remember from the very beginning of the blogs on lockdown, which was the last time I was there with the wait staff. GVB raised more than $2000 to help its staff at the car wash. I have picked up some beer a few times there and have received their email that they were reopening this week.

Our first lunch in eighty days!

The stock market went up some and down some. The discussion on Bloomberg, I watch Bloomberg while working from home, was just as confused as the market. The NASDAQ has already recovered and is in new record territory (sinking about 67 points today after yesterday breaking a record).

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 9.34.15 AM

Yes, my 401K is now positive for the year. My prediction that I would break-even by June was off by a few days. I will try to do better (laughing) next time.

Today the country said goodbye Mr. Floyd today. The Oregonian reported tonight the statement “We do not have justice, so we do not have peace,” from a person in the crowd of the protesters in Portland. “We can be non-violent, but we cannot be peaceful.”

Dinner was lasagna. I made it from scratch. I used the no-boil very thin pasta. I do not like thick pasta for lasagna. I often make the pasta from scratch, but this very thin no-boil pasta works perfectly for me.

We finished the Moulin Rouge movie today while having some Purple Cow wine and having the lasagna.

The reports show more than one-thousand people were slain by the virus today in the USA. The active infection curve continues to point down. I thought it would be good to pick something old for today and the Morman Tabernacle Choir did a nice version: Faith of Our Fathers.

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