Day 5: Friday Phase 1

I slept in a bit and got started at about 6:30ish for work online at home. Meetings went on all day until about noon. I forgot my haircut appointment was in the morning and had meetings and crises of the moment through it. I was rescheduled to the evening.

Our software was finally approved to move to the next level of testing. It is very freshly written code as we had some set-backs last week that made us write some custom code to handle a conversion. The team is very excited to get this software in use.

I collected Susie and Corwin to head to dinner. Yes, dinner out! We got to Red Robin and were given a table that was surrounded by other tables with balloons. Nobody sits at those. The staff tried to keep all the customers apart. The tabletop was wet with hand sanitizer when we sat down, and paper menus and silverware wrapped in paper napkins were left for us. The waiter never got more than three feet and was usually six feet away and masked, of course.

For the most part, it worked. The little kids that were running around worried me. The parents did not seem to be concerned. I was. The food was delivered by a person with gloves and a mask that was very careful to keep it all safe. When we left, we had to walk by a lot of masked staff. Some recognized me, and I think, it is hard to tell with the masks on, I knew them.

So Red Robin was a mixed experience. The staff was working hard to make us feel safe. Some of our fellow dinners were not being careful enough. But the staff was delighted to see us and did everything they could to make us feel safe.

I dropped Susie and Corwin off at the house and then drove to Zerida’s place at the House of Hair near the Bridgeport Mall. I had to wait until she finished her current appointment, clean, and then meet me at the door and walk me into her space. Very safe.


I then drove back and checked by the church. The pride flag was still on the church–I replaced it a few weeks ago after it was pulled down. It looks good on the church. I then drove home.

The stock market went up a huge amount today. The unemployment rate was announced to be about 13%, and not 20% or worse. This threw the market into a buying frenzy. Later it was announced that the number could have a three present error, and 16-17% was a more correct number. Not sure what Monday’s market will do as a reaction to the misinformation.

I ordered a AA battery charger for Pastor Dr. Wayne Weld-Martin and delivered it today. Wayne has a remote control plane and needed some rechargeable batteries to keep it flying. I just ordered it from Amazon, and it was here the next day. I should also mention the plaque of the Prayer of St. Francis for Peace to President Trump was delivered. Let us hope the plaque helps!

The reports are showing the active infection rate is headed back up in the USA, and today more than nine-hundred people died from the virus here in the USA. Something from Martin Luther for today: Out of the Depth I Cry to Thee.

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