Day 6: Saturday Phase 1

I spent lunch at Cedar Hills McMenamins with a friend. We had burgers and drinks, Monkey Puzzle Tree Whiskey for my friend and Ruby beer for me–both made by McMenamins. Even with the wind and rain, we asked for a table outside just out of the rain. Less chance of virus transmission we figure with the wind and the rain, and when the kids all showed up, they stayed inside. I was a bit cold after lunch, but it was much safer. Still odd to see your waiter more aligned to robbing you than serving you. I gave my credit card to the wrong waiter–they had similar bandanas over their face. I then noticed my waiter had dark eyes and hair to match. I will have to pay more attention, I learned in this new world of half masked people.

Also, we started at Old Chicago Pizza, but they are still closed to dine-in. Their website says they are open for dining. We left and headed to McMenamins. It was strange that after more than eighty days, they are still trying to open! They said they would be open on Monday.

Returning to lunch, we also talked about my Howard stories and how or even if they should be published. The verdict is to publish them. I will pursue some local publishers and a publisher I like.

Aside: I am also revising the last story after Susie said that it was well written but she has little idea of what was going on. I am adding a “Spock” moment to his story. This is a moment you see on the old show when Capt. Kirk says in effect, “Spock explains why it is a big deal.” I am enjoying writing the new mini-story.

On the way back, I stopped by Rainy Day Games. I saw a Cyberpunk 2020 supplement the last time I visited and decided I wanted it, Wild Side. This game is not one I play at this time, and indeed, the emergency makes close quarters role-playing games impossible, but I like the material and see it as a source for ideas. I might even play it someday. The space supplement, Deep Space, is my favorite and describes a near-future of space travel in the solar system. Including such useful information as the communication delays for planets in the solar system (i.e., communication delay to Pluto ranges from 240+ to 417+ minutes). It introduces ARG as something for all space travelers to remember: Atmosphere, Radiation, and Gravity. The things you need and getting them wrong will cause you to go “arg.” The game is ironically called 2020 as it was written in the 1980-90s, creating a story of a dystopian nightmare for Earth after 2000 with the game then set twenty more years into a dystopian corporate SciFi version of today.

Cyberpunk 2020 has one basic rules for the players:

The rules:

    1. Style Over Substance
    2. Attitude is Everything
    3. Always take it to the Edge
    4. Break the Rules

Again, I do not actively play this game, but it is interesting. It is in the second edition. A new 2030 version is planned to be published this year. The emergency likely will delay this–almost like it is part of the mythos of Cyberpunk…

Here is some music to fit (highly recommended): Adagio For TRON – Daft Punk.

Not working on Cyberpunk or anything computers this day. Instead, I am working on my smaller 1/700 RMS Titanic Model with LED lights. Academy has produced a model already drilled for all the lights (often, you have to drill hundreds of holes to light a model of the Titanic) and provides two correctly colored hull pieces to avoid painting the waterline. The bottom hull is optional, allowing for a easy water-line lighted model.

I have purchased brass etched replacement parts and wooden deck overlays add-ons. This means I have to cut away the cast railings and ladders on the decks. This took hours and I am finally almost ready to assemble something. The brass etched replacement parts come with color directions on what to change on the model (this is the forward boat deck and bridge area and you can see I have removed some railing above the 1st Class Smoking Room near where the band played).


I made Chicken Cordon Blue from frozen–I get them from the Schwans truck. I made mashed potatoes (shockingly I made them from actually mashing potatoes and not from instant–Gene is smiling somewhere). I got out the recipe book and made Hollandaise Sauce from scratch (the lemon juice I will admit is from a plastic lemon, all I had). Dinner was approved by all. Pears from a can–yes, my favorite Free Stone Del Monte pears–was the fruit. Susie liked it!

Protest continues in Portland. The police use of tear gas in Portland has been restricted to “unless there is a serious and immediate threat to life safety, and there is no other viable alternative for dispersal.” I thought this was always true. My education continues.

The reports are quite difficult for me today. The infection rate is again increasing with California, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, and Florida eclipsing New York State for new infections. Today more than seven hundred people are reported slain in the USA by the virus, including two people here in Oregon. I opened the Methodist Hymnal, and it just turned to hymn 305 Camian, Pueblo de Dios (Walk On, O People of God), and I found this friendly version. So look up the translation if your Spanish is weak, with 6/8, and an easy refrain the hymn is easy to follow.






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