Day 11: Thursday 2 Phase 1

I have to admit that today I wanted to read and just fall asleep and forget everything for a while. I am tired as sleep has been hard of late.

Work was a bit better as I think the conflict I had yesterday, which could be described as demanding integrity, seemed to have produced some fruit. At least I thought folks were working towards goals better—no more demands for partial solutions.

I took Susie for a short trip to pick up a prescription, get the bird poop washed off the Volvo at the carwash, and then picking up a few pizzas for dinner. It was good to drive the car and just do something today.

I had lunch today for the first time since January at Old Chicago. They had masks and on-line menus. It looks like finally, the idea of the paper menu is moving into history. You can get a paper one, but you are encouraged to use the Internet to see the menu.

It is funny how comforting it was to sit in the bar and eat the same salad and drink the same iced tea and follow this with a stromboli. I know it is silly, but just doing something I have not done for more than ninety days that I use to do once a week was relaxing.



Today I decided, after reading so much Pro-Confederate flag posts on Facebook, that I know what to say: Life Every Voice and Sing.

Here in Oregon, the largest county, it includes Portland, attempt to reopen is on hold. The virus rate is increasing, and thus it cannot open—prayers for Portland and Multnomah County.

Today we had a Zoom meeting of Theology Pub. We have met for years in a pub drinking and eating while discussing Theology. Justice was the discussion today. Many of us agreed that this quote fits well: “Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public” from Cornel West.

I sent these thoughts to our leader of Theology Pub, maybe you will find them of use:

I was thinking of something like Justice for the topic on Thursday, but something more came to my mind. Divine education….

I have learned so much this year about how wrong my assumptions are. This is looking for an example, the order from the major of Portland to limit the use of tear gas to last resort use—I did not know that we needed a policy change on tear gas–I always thought it was last resort.

Another one, there was a new ruling on the 10-2 convictions in Oregon and Louisiana by the Supreme Court (the lack of unanimity for conviction in these states). I did not know this was a Jim Crow law and that my rights in Oregon were reduced by allowing convictions that are 10-2. I was surprised to see the conservative and liberal justices all lined up on protecting rights to a jury with Gorsuch and RGB agreeing. I would have worked to eliminate that in the Oregon Constitution, had I truly understood it. I also did not know that the 14th Amendment was theoretically limited to only some rights in the 40-year ago initial ruling on this. That with the new decision, the 14th Amendment is not limited; all rights given by the federal constitution now fully apply to the states. Again, I learned all of this.

On the painful side, we learned that training, policies, and organization of police and their use of violence appears to be inconsistent with our expectations. I learned how to kill cold viruses and how they spread in great detail. I have learned how the world’s leaders could not handle an emergency that had unpopular solutions (lockdown). I have seen that lack of transparency could create an apparent Federal Constitution violation by a president by “clearing” protestors. All of this has been a unique experience to me in my life—I have never learned about how much is wrong so fast and how wrong I was about the world—I thought we were better than this.

So my writing mind sees us as a new Job, and we are learning all the things we have wrong. We are complaining, “where was God.” God’s answer this time (and Satan’s) is that that it was you, not us, that the virus was created by the same process that created the last virus emergencies—a human failing. The explosion of a pandemic was caused by a lack of testing and hand washing. “It was not me,” I can see Satan saying to God. “Tear gassing was not our angles pouring out tribulations, but you all doing this to each other,” says God. I can see God and Satan saying, “humans, you are discovering” what you need to do and “stop doing tribulations to yourselves!”

Just some thoughts of my thinking: ”a movie running in my head.”

The stock market crashed today 5%. The reality of The Fed message and the increasing infection rate has thrown some cold water on the market. We will see how it handles this tomorrow.

The deaths reported were over eight-hundred people in the USA today, including two from Oregon. The infection rate is increasing. Here is a hymn I remembering singing: Are Ye Able.

I also found this fantastic hymn summary: Evolution of Worship Music – A Cappella Medley.

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