Day 10: Wednesday 2 Phase 1

Work was interesting in an unusual way, I am very unhappy with the day, and many options are working through my mind that I cannot write here. I can say that integrity is essential to me both in the personal way that most people understand, but also very much in how computer systems are put together that I am involved in. I always remind folks of the famous quote:

“Once you give up your integrity, the rest is a piece of cake.”― J.R. Ewing

I would not take J.R.’s direction for life or computer systems!

Lunch was reheated lasagna as I had meetings through lunch. This was the baked pasta dish I made last week. I cut out quite a few pieces and carefully wrapped them and froze them. I reheat them in the microwave (defrost and then reheat to get it very hot). When hot, the meal is wonderful.

In the middle of total frustration at work, I received a gift from Rev. John in India: The video of my good friend’s funeral. The Bishop Rev.Dr. Yesu was called home last year and I still miss him. I have trouble imagining India without my friend waiting for me there: Bishop Yesu.


(back in April 2010 near Kakinada, A.P., the Bishop helping me with the local customs)

Returning to today, I stopped working on my Nike computer and took a short walk. I noticed that the Reedville Presbyterians had changed their sign. Previously it said “HOPE,” except for the day the ‘P’ fell down after a windy storm, and this allowed for some interpretation of what the local Presbyterians were trying to say. I put the ‘P’ back up when I saw that my from my house that I could read “HO E.” I like the new sign, recycling a few letters.


Dinner was going out to the Golden Valley Brewery as Susie and Corwin had enough of my cooking, and well their’s too. We were more than happy to get a table in the bar area, and most folks had masks and most graced us by following social distancing norms (can we call it that). Dinner and beer were excellent. Susie feels safe there.

We drove back and waved at many more protestors in our area than there was yesterday. We have demonstrators displaying “Black Lives Matter” signs at 185th Street and Baseline. We smiled and waved, trying to be supportive.

Which reminds me, the president found new ways today to inflame the fires of divisiveness–it is aw-inspiring how Mr. Trump can find something to say or texted that I never thought of to piss-off and divide people. It is like a superpower for him. I try not to make political statements here, but truly I was surprised today, again.

The stock market was up and down all day. The Fed did not raise or lower rates today. The current rise in the market was discussed on Bloomberg and how retail investors (someone like me) appear to have timed the market, and the big names are now admitting they were on the sidelines and missed the V-Recovery.

The voting in Georgia yesterday was reported to be a shambles.

The reports show that over nine-hundred eighty people in the USA lost their lives to the virus. I found this hymn, I remember singing it a few years ago, and I think it also is good for Georgia that needs some prayers: Sweet, Sweet Spirit.



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