Day 9: Tuesday 2 Phase 1

Just a short story today.

Today I went to lunch by myself to the Reedville Cafe. It is a family place that has been around long enough to outlasted Reedville as a town. The food is about average to me, but folks like it, so I was glad to see them open. I wore a mask and only took it off to eat and drink my iced tea. The staff had masks. A few of the other customers were not wearing masks, and one was not respecting social distancing, but I was able to keep to my distance. The food was good, I had the Texas Cob Salad, and it was relaxing to be out of the house.

Dinner was another try at Pork Vindaloo, I cooked. I simplified the recipe a bit, and it still turned out good. It was less spicy, but it again turned out very flavorful.

I am still online for Nike tonight as we are having performance issues in our new servers and our data conversion jobs. I am talking to India and local folks.

Today was an extended mix of emails and Zoom meetings.

I also slipped out to the hobby store. I am running out of white primer. Tammy’s Hobbies now has tape on the floor to help keep distances. Most were following them, and some folks have on masks. I managed to get my brand of primer.

The Titanic model I am building uses photo-eteched brass tiny parts has gone sideways for me. The paint stuck down the brass and when I lifted it, the brass railings for the model, hair-thin pulled away and twisted. I then had some other brass I bought before so I went to use it as a replacement. The white primer paint went on so thick that the brass is now filled in with white paint, ugh! I did not have time to work on the model and see if I can salvage the brass. I see lacquer thinner in the future!

Today was the send-off for Mr. Floyd. I saw this on TV Highway on the way home.


So here in Aloha, Oregon, we are protesting too.

Susie attended a church class with Joan Goldhammer on how to deal with the emergency using Zoom. This class is on-line and based on Alan Hamilton’s book and videos on Unafraid.

I am reading another Maisie Dobb book. I find these books a mix of the 1930s detective novel with some mysticism and World War 1 experiences. I recommend them but read them in order.

The stock market finally went down today. This looks like profit taking to me. We will see what tomorrow brings.

The reports show that more than a thousand Americans passed away today from the virus, including five people in Oregon. There is an election in Georgia today that is having long lines while trying to keep social distancing and use masks. So let’s go with a song for them: Georgia on My Mind.

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