Day 8: Monday 2 Phase 1

It is back to work today here at home. Starting about 6:30ish and it was hard going as Susie had some trouble sleeping and woke me a few times. I also was feeling still a bit off from the bad allergies attacks from the weekend. I stayed at two cups of coffee.

Today was the first day of the big data conversion tests for the new systems we are putting in late this year.

I received a call about 11:00ish that Susie had an appointment with Zerida for nails and so on. So in the middle of various Zoom meetings I was getting Susie ready and going. We made it just in time for her driver to take her. I sent her with coffee, in a paper cup–we have them in the house with lids so Susie can have coffee in the taxi–and a scone in a lunch bag (I made scones on Sunday night).

Zoom meetings went on all day. Email and many crises of the moment kept me busy with the last crisis at 9PM. I am still online with work while typing this.

I was thinking of heading out to lunch, but The Gyro House is not open yet for seating, so I ordered online. Lamb Gyro with extra spicy sauce and baklava for Susie. Always perfect and delivered so fast, I did not know lunch was here. I found it before my lunch got cold.

I managed a short walk to the end of the street. I did take a break and read and a nap.

Corwin made dinner while I handled more crises of the moment for Nike. We had New York Strips grilled, grilled carrots, and potatoes roasted on the grill in tin foil.

I then played for the first time in about a month Dungeon and Dragons online using Roll20. We have changed to the next campaign manually converting the existing characters to the new adventure. Today we get to start The Dungeon of the Mad Mage. This is an old adventure revised for the new rules and reset in the current timelines of play. It is famous for being 24+ levels with each level being the size of some adventures I have run!

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 9.10.12 PM

Here is a screenshot of our adventures. Mackers has been turned into a t-rex by Cory our Wizard. Our dark paladin, Bill, is sending ready next to the t-rex. We play with live video so we can talk and see each other. The map uses the 1980s style graphics and the huge rooms that we use to draw with graph paper. Apparently, with 24+ levels (depending on how you count them), replacing all the maps with cool art and more compact maps were not possible. I can also tell you that the fluff text and description boxes are missing–something that came out later as a standard for pre-made adventures. When I run this I have to read the room again and then figure out what to tell the players.

We are playing with 9th level characters. The adventure is for fifth level characters and so this level was more of a romp and practice. It will get harder on the next level. The Bite attack on the screen is actually the player’s last attack. It was a critical hit for the t-rex. It brought the target to a crunchy end.

The protests continue, and I attended more discussions about race at work. I learned that Seattle Police have turned on the vest cameras. I did not know they had turned them off for the protests and riots. I am saddened.

The stock market continues its climb today, and from what I can see, the market has completed a V-shaped recovery by reaching levels before the emergency. There are discussions about the dread W-shaped recovery crashing us. There are also some discussions that hedge funds and other equity investors missed the recovery and are not showing good returns. I continue to have faith in the USA economy.

The reports show the active cases rate continues to climb in the USA. The death count in the USA for today is greater than five-hundred eighty. I found this hymn, 601 in the Methodist Hymnal, that I did not know, but I think it well known to Amy Grant fans: Thy Word is a Lamp. I did not know we had an Amy Grant song in the Methodist Hymnal.

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