Day 15: Monday 3 Phase 1: Sleepy

Today we would play online Dungeon and Dragons, but one of our players is in the hospital, not for the virus. So we are thinking of him and his family.

Work started at 6:30ish as I had trouble sleeping the night before. The Zoom meetings were spaced out about every other hour. Crisis of day happened in those open times. So it was a rushed day.

Susie had a busy day. She had Zerida for nails and a few items left at 9:45AM. Susie got back and then off to the dentist at 4PM. A busy schedule for Susie.

I had chicken soup from a can, Cambell’s chunky, for lunch. Susie picked up a Happy Meal on the way back from Zerida’s.

I made of dinner rigatoni and cheese and meatballs (sliced up, after being baked from a frozen state) with sauce from a jar. All this cooked together. It is all gone–must be good.

I was so tired. I fell asleep watching the news in a chair. Our software was approved, so I signed on to work about 7PM and moved in my part of the fixes into quality for testing. I then went to lay down and read. I woke-up at 9:00PM.

On the gaming front, Litko sent me some replacement parts I purchased for the new edition of the board game Dune and some add-on parts for the Cthulhu version of the Pandemic board game. Litko makes cut plastic replacement parts that are bright colored and laser etched. If you play board games, they have some colorful replacement counters for you.


The stock market fell and then went back-up. Volatility was the watchword on Bloomberg today. The Fed announced that it would buy corporate bonds, and this seemed to calm the markets. I also heard a few stories that bankruptcies are starting, and while bonds appear to be covered to some degree, equity inventors are not protected in bankruptcy.

I made no progress on the Titanic model as I was too tired to do anything on that scale: Tiny!

According to the reports, more than four-hundred people died from the virus in the USA include six who passed away in Oregon. The infection rate is increasing in Oregon, with more than two-hundred forty new infections reported today. Today’s hymn is one I believe I have sung before: For the Beauty of the Earth.

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