Day 16: Tuesday 3 Phase 2

I am working on an issue with my data conversions at the shoe company. I am waiting for the technical server and platform people in India and local to give me some options. The software is too slow. We have been chasing this all evening and likely will be all night.

I am doing this blog in between meetings tonight.

The day started at 6:25AM when I woke without my alarm, forgot to put it on, and then had to rush as I had a 7AM call with India and Nike’s folks on designing some data conversions. That was followed by more Zoom calls. We then move to Microsoft teams for calls and sharing of screens and documents. This has been running all day and into the evening with a few breaks.

I got lunch at Wendy’s. I love their chili. Susie had breakfast for lunch.

I made beef tacos and shells from a box for dinner. I made this while being in the meetings call. I almost burned the beef when I had the burner set to high, and the meeting required me for a few minutes.

I received from Seeed two 8G Raspberry Pi 4‘s direct from China in the middle of this emergency. These are the new super fast Linux with good Wifi speed version now with enough memory. Yesterday, I got a new keyboard and trackpad for the Raspberry Pi 4.


This hardware is about the same power as one of my original supercomputers to run Nike’s SAP software.

The stock market in the USA lit a fuse and took off like a rocket. The retail sales numbers were not as terrible as imagined. The Fed chairman and the Dallas Fed warned that it will be a painful recovery. The market shrugged that off.

The reports show that more than eight-hundred forty people lost their lives to the virus in the USA today, including two people from Oregon. The infection rate continues to climb in Oregon and appears to have explosive growth in Texas. I found this church video that reminds me of many church services I have been in God of Ages. It is from a church in Texas, think of them.


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