Day 17: All night

I am tired as I have had no sleep except for a few naps. We are running the data conversions, and I babysat them over the night. I have managed a few naps of a few hours.

I was up again at 5:30 after a short sleep to check everything. We have been running all day and all night, and we have three more days or so to go.

So my day is a blur and is still a blur.

I did watch a bit of the stock market, and I saw it going up and down. That looked like profit-taking and options impacts to me.

I am sorry, but I am so tired that I can only do a few more minutes.

Just over eight-hundred people are reported to have lost their lives to the virus in the USA today.

So I went with a prayer instead of a song today. John Paul 2 prayer from the Methodist Hymnal 556



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