Day 18: Thursday 3 Phase 1: Some Sleep

The day was a mix of work with some breaks for sleeping and taking Susie out.

We were back at it again at 6ish and working on the data conversions. The servers ran all night and finished about the time we started. We then started up more work, but at a slower pace, so we would not run the servers so hard that they nearly stop.

At the same time, we had more fixes done to make everything go faster and better. More vendor patches (OSS notes to you SAP folks) and new programs with some better load balancing. All a rush.

We had more Zoom meetings about race. Nike has decided that we all need to do more. We are now having difficult conversations, and it included this video: Difficult Conversations with a Black Man. It is much like pulling off a bandage, and like a bandage, it has to be done, and the sooner, the better.

Tomorrow is the 19June2020 and Nike and many will remember this as the day to celebrate as it is the End Of Slavery. We have to continue the data loads all weekend, but I will try to honor it.

I watched when I had a break between crises of the moment the Martin Luther King speech I have been to the Mountaintop. I had not listened to this one before and I really liked it. Words to live by and I like, as a writer, the flow and how he makes his points.

I then took Susie to the Reedville Cafe to lunch late. I have found it a bit safer to be a bit later for lunch as the kids and folks who think a mask is a political statement are already done and gone. The staff was friendly, masked, and very supportive and safe.


Susie had a cheeseburger with bacon with coleslaw. I had a Pacific Northwest favorite of fish and chips but halibut.


I went back to work after taking a break. I ordered pizza and pasta and salad from Dominos delivered.

We finally finished at about 11:30PM. We start again at 9AM.

The stock market went up and down, not much to say about that.

Today the reports are that more than seven-hundred forty Americans died from the virus, including four people of Oregon. Here is a hymn I don’t know: Now the Silence (Methodist Hymn 619).



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