Day 19: 19June2020

Today was a holiday at Nike for the End of Slavery Day.

Here is the image of the order from the USA National Archives.general-order-3-juneteenth

We are working on the data conversions for a significant project for Nike and are working through the holiday and the weekend, our fourth weekend.

I made scones and a breakfast of eggs and kielbasa from Olympia Provisions.

Corwin made a dinner of Moroccan chicken with olives and lemon, which is my own recipe, and it was good.

I worked on and off all day on the data conversions. We also loaded more software enhancements to try to make it run faster. We have started a mass load that will run for as long as twenty hours. We will meet again at 9AM Saturday and see how it is going.

This weekend includes Father Day, and so I have posted on Facebook a few old pictures from the 80s and will put up more pictures of dad and others.

I wish I had something more inciteful to say on this my first 19June Holiday.  I can say that I am happy we are starting to work through issues on race now. I know that some of the purgings of the evils of the past are confusing people, removing statues, and banning flags, and correcting names, but it is how we reach the truth. I am learning so much these last few years about our institutions and I am so disappointed. I am saddened to learn I have on occasion participated unknowingly in failed institutions (i.e., the non-unanimous jury in Oregon).

We could have so much more if we would accept the failures of the past and talk about how to walk to the future with everyone. The only learning for me is that when someone is talking (posting) and they refer to how something impacts them or how it is something they don’t want, or they have rights that are being trampled on, or there is a conspiracy to rob them of liberty, I know that they have missed the point. The truth is that while I am safe and well off, other Americans are not safe or well off. For me, it seems that I am in the dark, but as MLK said, you can only see the stars in the dark! So I see stars and a future that will be brighter. I know it will be, and we will find a better future.

I ignore the stock market today; the stock market went down.

The reports are that there were more than seven-hundred deaths from the virus today in the USA. One of these deaths is from Oregon. The active infection rate is explosive as Texas, Arizona, California, and Floria show massive increases. Over 1.2 million people in the USA have an active infection. I went with this song: America the Beautiful.

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