Day 20: Saturday 3 Phase 1: Working another Saturday

Today started a bit late as my first meeting was at 9AM. We are still loading data for the data conversions and will be loaded until sometime on Sunday. We are in the last bits and are very happy. This, for me, was a three year, at least, journey to get the first time load done for the new computer systems for Nike.

Lunch was a quest today. Corwin and I first headed to the Gyro House, but the place is not yet taking dine-in. Off to BJ’s and the same story. Finally, Wild Buffalo Wings was open. The bar was spread out, and the staff was conscientious using masks and gloves and cleaner. The customers all did not bring masks, and my disposable mask ear string broke, so when we left, I held it to my face. The food was familiar, and I had a large beer. The prices were reasonable too, unusual for Wild Buffalo Wings. I have found most places have increased their prices by at least 10%.

I am not comfortable eating-out as my fellow diners do not seem to be careful. The walk to their tables and leave without masks. I will try it again a few times.

Work continued with a check-in and a decision to just run it straight-through all night. We should then finish like I said on Sunday.

I finally returned to the Titanic model. It was time to do try to finish the tiny deck above the officers’ quarters, the wireless office, and the gym. This is the section I decided to finish first to see how my skills with tiny brass and wood overlays are holding up.

I did a bit of touch-up painting and then attached the wood decking permanently. I attached the tiny railings and finished the dome and skylights for the famous Grand Staircase. I have to build the two funnels yet, the ovals for the funnels stand out on the deck, and I plan on minimal rigging for this model so the funnels are simple (no rigging).


The two holes are were the collapsible boats go. Office Lightoller survived by standing on one of the capsized collapsible bottoms with a few other people. So it is always strange to build one of these Titanic models when I know so much about the people and what happened more than 100 years ago.

The area that I am building is the deck that is planned to be cut open soon and the wireless equipment to be salvaged. A judge cleared the way for that a few weeks ago. They salvagers want to recover the original Marconi equipment from the Titanic before the sea claims it. Also, the wreck of the Titanic is showing signs of deterioration that might make it soon impossible to reach the equipment, so cutting into the wreck is the best option to recover the radios.

Dinner was baked potatoes. We have sour cream, cheese, and butter. I cooked up some bacon to break-up and sprinkle on the tater. Some I had not done in a while.

I did not watch any news and Facebook was mostly skipped today as I was busy with work, cooking, and the Titanic model.

The report for today is the loss of more than five-hundred seventy people for the USA to the infection. I found this hymn (#731 for Methodist): Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken. This is by John Newton, the author of Amazing Grace.



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