Day 21: Sunday 3 Phase 1: Big Finish

At 1:50PM or thereabout, we finished loads of master data for Nike’s testing systems. It took us the last six weeks some of it 7/24 to get to the finish. We have run 7/24 starting Tuesday and went through the week and weekend. Done!

I spent the morning, starting late at about 9ish, with our first meeting as we began to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. A network failure at Nike WHQ scared us as it slowed our access, but the impact was localized to connections outside of the Nike firewall, and thus we had trouble watching the progress while the processes kept going as all connections for our conversion are inside the Nike firewall.

So at 1:50PM or so, the process finished. Early this evening, we finished flowing the data to the targets. Done again!

I went off to meet a friend with Corwin to McMenamins Cedar Hills. I had a beer to celebrate, Purple Haze, and a Capt’n Neon Burger. Again, we sat outside to minimize exposure to the virus and the staff was very good at keeping us safe, gloves and masks. Still, the other customers were less safe, and I saw the trip to the restroom was a hazard, and folks did not put back on their mask to use the bathroom. One guy walked right by us without a mask.

I also put gas in Air Volvo–got the light you must fill up as there are only forty-miles left on this tank. Second gas purchase since the lockdown!

Now that I have been working for months to finish the conversion, I am finally a bit free. What to do? Well, I went out and looked at the roses. My lawn service cut back all the roses (!?) I have only a few to share. These came with the house and I heard they were transplanted from the mother’s house of the previous owner making them likely older than 30 years. I have to be careful with these roses as they are grafted–can’t cut them back too far. Some of the canes are two inches thick.


I also found that the toadstools have created a fairy circle. The lawn service breaks up the perfect circle but you can still see it. The fairies can dance tonight.


And one of my favorite creatures is a damselfly or dragonfly or needle as I have heard them called. This one is drying its wings on my house, having likely raised out of the waters just a short time ago. I have always imagined having a small enough camera to mount on them to see what their lives are like. I love to see them in the backyard flying so fast feasting on the lesser pesky bugs.


So that is my nature looks as the sun is down. Rumors are that the African dust storm will reach us soon, turning the sunset red and yellow. Tonight’s is lovely but not red.

I have ignored the news and only saw that TikTok might have been involved with a political event. As it is a Chinese company, there are all sorts of threats from congress. Not sure I understand the massive threat from TikTok.

I just read that a noose was placed on the equipment for one of the drivers for NASCAR. The driver is black. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in the security at NASCAR, and this is proof to me that we have so much more to change than just banning some flags.

The reports, again becoming politicized, is that the death rate in the USA has fallen to more than two-hundred sixty today, including one death in Oregon. The active infection rate is showing explosive growth. I found this unusual hymn (#678 in Methodist Hymnal) and liked it: Rise to Greet the Sun. It is a Chinese sourced song.


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