Day 22: Monday 4 Phase 1: Not Enough Coffee

Today was another manic Monday. I drank almost a whole pot of coffee. The last months of working every day and many 7-24 days have caught up with me.

Work started with a chat with Trevor Noah about race. It was a pleasure to participate in a Zoom meeting with him ad a good portion of the Nike from around the world. Trevor Noah is just as good live as on his show.

I finished the day putting in a vendor patch that involved meticulous attention to detail and following complex instructions. I made tea.

Lunch was from the Gyro House. Susie had an appointment with Zerida today with her driver, so she picked up her goto meal, Happy Meal, with six nuggets.

Corwin made dinner, ribs from Schwan’s from the freezer.

We then watched the Expedition Unknown: The Bermuda Triangle (Part 1). This was a lark to just relax and eat dinner and watch. The first dive was on a cool wreck of a huge paddlewheel civil war blockade runner SS Montana with even the paddle wheels still recognizable.

The rest of the show was less interesting to me, but it was a fun lark. The last of the show was using a weather balloon to send up instruments to measure the disturbances in the atmosphere over the Bermuda area. The results are presented in part 2.

When I was in middle school, I read everything I could get on The Bermuda Triangle and the related wrecks. I also read my first Plato to understand about Atlantis. So it was fun to see a review of much what I learned about when I was a kid.

No work on the Titanic model today. I am just too tired and wired. I did attach another dome, aft staircase, to the model yesterday after looking at a photo of the fragements of the real one lying on the bottom. If you are wondering, this section of the wreck is smashed with the dome and even the hole for the aft staircase long gone. The engines were below and next to the aft staircase. Now the engines are exposed and are one of the iconic photos of the wreck.


In the photo, you can see how the etched brass parts really add to the model. The model will look more detailed soon.

The toadstools in the front yard, fairy circles, had grown twice the size of yesterday when I took their picture. We must have big fairies–it is PNW after all where bigfoot comes from.

The reports show more than three-hundred sixty people were taken from us today by the infection in the USA, including two people from Oregon. I found this hymn (#527 Methodist Hymnal) that I forgot until now, and here is Johnny Cash’s version, Do Lord.


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