Day 23: Tuesday 3 Phase 1: Long Tuesday

Work was a parade of Zoom calls on the various statuses and even some inventive designs for new software. It all started at 6AM and finished at 7PM. I had a few breaks, but there were also some vendor patches to get going that filled in any spare time.

The last meeting tonight was 7AM India time, 6:30 PDT. Archana, a new hire at Nike, had some questions about how to match data. We first spoke to her in the morning our time and then saw her again late our time. The world is flat when you work in computer systems!

I ordered Vietnamese food to be delivered for lunch. I had the beef stew. I ate my lunch while I watched a PowerPoint and discussion that suggested that much of the work I was working on was being out-sourced. The presenters were surprised that there were no questions but stunned silence after they introduced a team to outsource everyone at the meeting. I ate my noodles. I left the video and sound off on the Zoom meeting.

I look forward to being replaced, if that is what they meant to say, as I would love to slow down and do something new. Actually, when you are a computer expert you have to be ready to be replaced and to move on to the next thing. I have said many times at work that I am willing to give up “this life of crime” and “go straight.” There is so much incredible work out there that I could do. But, I suspect I will continue on in my current role and make the impossible happen.

I heard from the Portland-based board gamers. My fellow gammers miss me. I cannot really travel into Portland with the virus and protestors going strong. The virus infection rate is increasing in Oregon. They mentioned a new Kickstarter game, Space Race, which I have wondered about, so I ordered a late-backer version with everything.

No work on the Titanic today as it was too crazy at work. I will likely get to something after I finish the blog.

The stock market went to new records today with rallies for Nike and Apple.

Dinner was pork chops grilled after soaking in a teriyaki marinade, rice, and green beans.

Safeway delivered the groceries as I am not risking buying groceries, and I have to admit this is just better. No time waste and not risk. They were out of celery and, as usual, no ground lamb. Oddly, I ordered Bitters, and they were out. Next time!

Schwan’s truck came by and I restocked out pork chops and a few other items.

I saw that the fairy circle on the lawn is just grown huge. I had to take another photo!


The toadstools are three inches across now.

Today the reports show the more than eight-hundred sixty people lost their battle with the infection today. Today I found this one: ROYAL CHORAL SOCIETY: Hallelujah Chorus in Isolation.

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