Day 24: Wednesday 3 Phase 1: Fall with No Loss

Susie fell after midnight and landed, using her impossible skater moves, missed all the furniture and face planted the carpet. Her glasses are a bit bent, and there is a small cut on her nose from the metal frames. Glasses appear to be fixable.

I kept Susie up to 3AM to make sure there was no head or other injury. I took the day off of work–strange when you work from home anyway. I was taking a stay-cation on Thursday through Monday this week anyway.

I slept in. I did wake every move that Susie made in the bed, as is my habit when things go amiss. So I am tired.

I slipped out and got burgers from Burger King and Susie fav of Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal (with apples and six nuggets). While I do not know why unidentifiable deep-fried chicken parts are happiness, it works for Susie.

For this one day, I will ignore the news, virus, and all the noise and just be thankful that today was a slow and boring day. Dinner was scrambled eggs and bacon.

Everything is good, and laundry and dishes await me. I will take that.

This is often in the context of funerals–we had a close miss today, but I liked it anyway–the Big Easy version: Closer Walk with Thee.

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