Day 26: Friday 3 Phase 1: Break Day

Last night I stayed up and worked on the Titanic model a bit, and I made more progress today. I was up late. Another day on my stay-cation.


I slept into 9ish and did not get dressed until afternoon. I was still tired, and Susie was still in some pain from her fall and seems to have some slight confusion. So it was a slow start.

But then we went out for lunch. Yes, outside at La Provence in Orenco Station. It is right on the max line and is one of our better places for food in our area. There Corwin and I both had a Monte Cristo while Susie had French Onion Soup. We got croissants to go–I had one later for dinner as the Monte Cristo was huge.

We came home, and as I said, I worked on the Titanic model. The boat deck is slowly finishing.

Nike released its earnings today and announced layoffs. It was a surprise all around.

I also ordered last night a copy of the Istanbul boardgame. I placed it once, and it was recently recommended again. I gave a copy once to the Smith’s girls, but have only played it a few times. I really liked it and wanted the add-ons, which all came in one box now.


I punched the game out and put it all in bags, I had to set the Titanic aside while I work on the game. It was delivered on the same day I ordered it.

The news is that the infection rate is skyrocketing in the USA. Today in the USA, more than six-hundred sixty people died from the infection.

Nearly, forgot the hymn! I found this one from Fanny Crosby in 1869: Rescue the Perishing.

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