Day 31: Wednesday 4 Phase 1: Good numbers

Today started at 6ish with emails and Zoom meetings. Work was a bit confused as so many people are on vacation this week, and our project is in the middle of a restructuring and switching tracking tools. In other words, chaos. So I had some odd crises of the moment to resolve. I will likely have a day full of the same tomorrow before breaking for the holiday.

Mexican coffee, Fairtrade, for the start. I love the taste of boarder-crossing liberal coffee in the morning!

Oregon has strict anti-fireworks laws against mortars, rockets, roman candles, and putting on your own firework show. Also typical at this time is the breaking of all these laws and even some basic common sense thinking by my neighbors and well most of the neighborhood. Yes, explosions are going on starting just about sundown and will continue to about 1AM. I have not watched much tonight, but I suspect some are quite lovely. It is also worrying when a beautiful mortar explodes about ground-level! Those stars look better in the sky and not in our trees. It was damp today, and most of the week, so the chances of something unpleasant being started is unlikely by a stray shell.

Often my local street will be filled with people doing fireworks. I often take Susie out to see some of it. Usually, keeping her with some newly discovered neighbor girls that are too cool or not brave enough to light-off the show.

So starting about ten this morning, the explosions began.

I was called by the doctor’s office and asked to come in for some bloodwork—time to check my sugar levels again. So I agreed to give up my afternoon to see how I was doing. I put my Nike laptop in the car, just in case, and used my iPhone to follow the chaos.

I decided to try Panera Bread for lunch near the doctor’s office and then to do some writing and shopping before my appointment. I use to write there with my headphones. So I headed over there after clearing the emergencies and Zoom meetings of the morning.

The local Panera Bread now looks odd, with all the chairs just tipped for tables that cannot be used due to social distancing rules. I went to a table and ordered using the app on the phone. I heard my name called out, they don’t deliver to your table anymore, so I picked up my order and carried it back. The food is good. The bread is better than good.


I did notice that the staff was meticulous cleaning and social distancing. All were wearing masks, and all were careful around customers, but they were chatting and hanging out and ignoring social distancing when working together.

I stayed for a few hours as I wanted to do some writing and to observe. I started back on my Howard’s Lockdown story I wanted to get going on. This is my version of a Lovecraft-styled story set now in Portland in the lockdown. I managed to add another page as I find my way with the story.


After being at Panera for a few hours, I headed to Blick’s to get some supplies. I did forget to get a new painting tray. I did get some more basswood, pins, and straight razors that I need. I spoke to the cashier, and they are doing a brisk business. Apparently, art supplies are still needed, and the staff wore pronoun pins which helped me avoid a faux pas. This being the Portland area, you try to get your pronouns aligned to the wishes of the folks you are communicating with.

I then went to the doctor’s office. As usual, I was checked-in with questions about my exposure to Covid-19, none, and if I had any troubling symptoms, none, tempure checked touchless, normal, and given a written pass. After a short wait, you don’t want to be too early for medical appointments with the virus rates increasing, I was called in by the nurse. Blood was taken from my finger and was happy to learn I was still holding on my diabetes–again normal! Blood pressure was slightly elevated (reflexing my day at work).

Home, and making dinner and yes more crises of the moment online for Nike. I make tacos for dinner and serve them to Susie.

Corwin is with our friend Mariah. She is moving, and Corwin is helping her. I drive over to help shuffle some of the stuff and Mariah back to her new digs. While waiting for some folks to show up, we play the board game Skull. This, despite its name, is a friendly betting and guessing game made from coasters, or you can purchase a colorful premade game. I teach it to Mariah and her friend in a few minutes, and we play for a bit. Mariah wins.

We shuffle Mariah and various items to her new place, loading up Air Volvo.

No work on the model of the Titanic today.

The stock market went up and down. I am still seat belted in.

Today the reports show exponential growth in infections in the USA, but the death rate remaining about the same rate for the last three weeks, with over six-hundred people dying today of the disease. The death rate lags the increase by about two weeks. It is also possible that healthier people are getting the virus, and treatments have improved. It is also possible that death certificates are being filled out to name the secondary infection as the cause of death and not Corvid-19.

Martin Luther was right for today with the increasing infection rate: Out of the Depth I cry to You. This is Methodist Hymnal #515 from 1524.

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