Day 30: Tuesday 4 Phase 1: Back to work!

Today I started my day at 6 and rushed the morning as we had an all-employee meeting at 7AM. The CEO of Nike told us about their plans for running the company during the emergency and about the upcoming layoffs. It was hard to keep positive with such news as laying people-off during a pandemic.

I had many crises of the moment and had my annual review today. My boss, Brad, was happy with my work for the year and thanked me. Nike has already decided that all employees will get a zero percent raise and 100% of the bonus in August.

I finished the day with a call with Steve from the event people putting together an online convention to replace the one in Australia. I am asked to be in a panel to discuss how we built some of the applications and how they could now be built with new technology. It is a new format I have not used before, but I think it might be better than a recorded video of me reading slides and taking a few questions—the usual bread and butter of the conventions. Instead, Steve wants to have a short introduction and then a discussion with questions followed by a break-out session. This all done online. It just might be good!

We then headed out to Ceder Hills McMenamins for dinner and beers. We had a nice meal. The staff was quite careful except when they talked to each other and forgot to distance when at the bar waiting for drinks or the bartender. The food was delivered quickly and mostly correct (Susie’s burger came with veggies).

I found the new tile, “Kabab Shop” for Istanbul in the mail-box today; Caitlin from BoardGameGeek brought it by. I really like the change to the game and the look of the card. It is light cardboard, so we will have to set it over the “Fountain” tile. 


Today it was reported that the death rate in the USA from the virus expanded to over seven-hundred sixty. The seven-day average of the death rate shows a reduction, but the three-day average shows a slight increasing pulse in the number. We will know if a few days if the death rate will jump with the growing infection rate.

I found this crazy video of Down By The Riverside.

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