Day 35: Sunday 4 Phase 1: Quiet Sunday

Today I slept in and missed the delivery of my groceries. They came early, and I thought it was Corwin coming home. I found them later and put them away.

I had pizza for breakfast. I, of course, made coffee, Mexican Fair Trade. Nothing like the taste of liberal border-crossing coffee in the morning.


I went to work on the Titanic model today, as it seems I can only get to it on weekends. I managed to get half of the enclosed promenade buildings done without too many issues. This includes putting in all the tiny windows and gluing the building walls into the model with all the new windows. I also replaced a wall with a brass replacement that came with the etched brass replacement parts. It looks terrific and is part of the front of the ship. The classic look of the vessel has been redone in etched brass to remove the bulky plastic you usually see on a model like this. I am really hoping to get that famous curved white look you see in the movies and drawings.

I started on the funnels and have undercoated them with a light white to kill the bright orange (?!) plastic from the kit. I have also added most of the etched brass to the funnels and decided to pass on rigging the funnels. I don’t think it will improve the model and, if poorly done, will ruin the model.

My working on tiny scales with etched brass has improved. I can now bend small parts. It is still hard to avoid crushing a railing, but I am getting better at fixing crushed railings!

I also started on the deck chairs in tiny brass. I folded my first one and then dropped it. It has disappeared like it found a little black hole. I have plenty more I can do. Just funny that the first one just vanished.

I suspect I have months more to go on the model, but they suddenly come together.


Susie and I went out for dinner and beer with a friend at Cedar Hills McMenamin’s. Purple Haze is our beer of choice. We talked about many things, including ideas for how my Howard’s Lockdown science fiction story will go. I did not get to any new writing today.

Just a quiet day. I might do some baking yet. I started this early so I could have some time left tonight.

Today the reports are that the death rate is still decreasing, and more than two-hundred-fifty died of the virus today in the USA. The infection rate is increasing, with Oregon, adding 300 more infections just today.

I know I have done this song before, but I find this arrangement and thought we should just do it to remember the marchers: WSSU Choir – Lift Every Voice and Sing – arr. Roland M. Carter.


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