Day 36: Monday 4, Phase 1: Monday Back To Work

Well, 6AMish came rather soon this morning. I was back at it and working today from home. I decided the best thing to do was, after seeing my paid-time-off balance was still over 120 hours that I need more time off! So I took off Friday and Mondy.

I worked all morning and started to do some coding. This is applying vendor patches (OSS notes to you SAP folks), but these are manual, and you have to code them. So I was writing code while listening to meetings and attending Zoom calls.

I ordered Pho for lunch that was delivered while I was on yet another Zoom call.

I had Corwin chop a red onion for me and run three pounds of most excellent boneless and skinless chicken thighs. Again, I would not want to meet the chicken that had thighs like those in a dark ally, huge!

My meetings went to 6PM. I then helped finish dinner. I cut the large chicken parts in half and covered them with the onion in a dutch oven pot. I added three tablespoons of  Zamouri Tagine Moroccan Chicken Spices and just a dribble of olive oil. Bake for 40 minutes at 350F. Cut up a preserved lemon and remove seeds. Get a handful of green or better olives. Add that and back for another 25 minutes.

I made couscous to go with it. Two cups of chicken broth heat up–just warm is good. While that is heating throw three teaspoons of butter in a skillet and get it warm–not too hot. Add about 1/2 cup of almond slices and cut them a bit. Add about a cup of yellow raisins. Sprinkle with cinnamon and a light dash of cardamon (careful it has a strong flavor). Then I dump in a box of coucous (1 1/3 cup) into the pan and toast it. I stop before it browns. When you see brown, stop and lift the pan off the burner! Pour the almonds, raisins, and couscous into the warm chicken broth without making a mess, likely the warm broth with boil when the hot grain hit it. Stir, and it will be done. No more heat!

The broth from the chicken is poured over the couscous side, chicken pieces and olives and lemon bits on top.

Susie and Corwin loved it.

The stock market flew out of control. Records are breaking, and my 401K is again back to positive earnings.

Today I learned that Federal Marshals are arresting protestors in Portland, Oregon. The President made good his threats. Portland groups are working to help folks in the virtually unknown process for federal charges on protesting and bailing people. I have no other statement to give on this.

I am breaking out in hives today. So this will be short.

The reports are that more than two-hundred-fifty Americans were lost to the infection today. The infection rate is explosive in some states, and the military has more than three-thousand four hundred new infections reported today–pray for our military! I thought a Psalm would work for today, Psalm 91.







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