Day 38: Wednesday 5 Phase 1: Normal Wednesday

Today the 6AM start and 7AM first meeting came too soon. I completed the coding for the vendor patches while listening to meetings on Zoom.

I took off Friday and Monday. Looking at tomorrow, my Thursday has 30 minutes not booked at this time–ugly, which includes starting at 8AM and ending at 5PM with lunch being booked with an “optional” meeting. Many times I am double-booked.

Returning today, lunch was busy, so I made chili pie. I got a can of Stag Chili from a can and warmed it in a pan. I got corn taco shells and heated them. I put the chili over broken taco shells and covered with cheese: Chili pie. It was easy to do while listening to Zoom meetings.

I am on book 13 of the Maisie Dobbs series. I found book 11 an overly dark story, but I liked 12, Journey to Munich. I really liked books 2-10, book one being just OK.

I was not feeling that well so I laid down for a bit. My right knee is painful. The pain is slowly going away.

Dinner was KFC delivered. I played The Grand Austria Hotel with Corwin’s business partner Evan while Corwin worked on his new forge.


The gameplay was a bit rough as I had to remember all the rules and Evan had never played it before. I remember some criticism I read about The Grand Hotel Austria saying the game has too much going on to learn quickly and it is easy to forget a rule. We had to do a few catch-ups on scoring. I still like the game, but it is hard for new players.

The stock market went up and down today. Again, there seems little logic to its moves.

The reports are that eight-hundred ninety Americans were slain by the virus today including four people from Oregon and eleven from Michigan. The infection rate in the USA is explosive.

I found this song, many don’t like the use of ‘war’ in the song, but I like this friendly version: Onward, Christian Soldiers. I remember it being fun to sing.

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