Day 39: Thursday 5 Phase 1: Zoom and more Work

Well, the stats on my blog say I am down to eleven readers (now 23 readers–revised Thursday late). Welcome one of the few, and I hope you will be interested today. It is not easy to post every day and keep it interesting. But, dear reader, I will try!

The morning came as usual well before I was really ready for it. I rolled over, but I knew today was nine hours of Zoom meetings (A few moved and canceled, so I was down to seven hours of Zoom), so I was up before 6:30AM appeared on the clock. I made coffee, Mexican Free Trade, as I like the taste of liberal border-crossing coffee in the morning. I take my coffee black with no sugar since I became diabetic (my numbers improved to perfect BTW).

I took my prescriptions, as I do every day, with due care–I decided I would like to make it to sixty reasonably healthy.

I found myself explaining a lot today. We have new people added to the project. I was happy to do my last ordinary meeting at 4:30PM. I have one more with India at 10:30 tonight. I did not want Archana in Bangalore to stay up and talk to me. I will be up anyway, so we will talk in the morning–India time.

I have taken time off. I have Friday and then Monday off, and I am happy after an all-day Zoom-a-thon to be free for a long weekend. 

I did notice that my small belt and disk sander I use the sander for miniature model building was on the deck outside near where we set up the forge. Corwin has used it, setting the belt on fire a few times, to polish his first blade from the new forge. I have used it before and it does take some getting used to. It is small and well a bit wicked. I have sanded my fingernails straight a few times.

I carried the sander inside only ten minutes before the clouds in Oregon gifted us with a sudden heavy downpour. This could have been disappointing to me in many ways as the sander was plugged in and is not designed to be rained on. I did discuss with Corwin that he needs to remember the impact clouds have on electrical equipment.

I then took a nap and Corwin cooked dinner: baked spaghetti, and meatballs.

We had Theology Pub tonight. For over five years a group of us meet to talk about theological issues and concepts. We used to meet in a bar and drinks and food were purchased and consumed while discussions of various weighty topics were done. The food and drink made the discussion flow. Today’s topic was Fortitude.

Most folks on the Zoom call were enjoying various beverages. In our discussions, we thought Fortitude was hard to learn except through experience. Some of us believed that mentoring helped folks and that much fortitude was formed by groups reinforcing it. Nobody wants to fail, and a group made it easier to keep going.

We were happy to see each other and we talked for ninety minutes!

Changing to gaming, today I got the add-on for a board game, March of the Ants. It includes wooden ants! Before we used square cubes. It really looks better. This is an easy to learn board game from the Pacific North West that has the players take turns, but you have things to do on other player’s turn so there is no waiting. It makes it a much more interesting game. It was one of the first new styled games I learned. I was happy to learn it from the game designers at a convention and have a signed rule book! You will find March of the Ants in your local game stores, they let you in with a mask here in PNW.


I have learned that Mox Boarding House is opening in Portland soon. With Covid-19 it is not likely I will be there soon except to eye-ball it. This is a bar and board gaming location with excellent light, games, and reputation in Seattle. Another reason to wish this virus thing gone. So far my fantasy ability to make a Wish spell has not worked.

The stock market went down a lot.

Today nine-hundred sixty people lost their lives to the virus including six people from Oregon and nine people from Michigan.

Today I went with the Hymn of Promise to try to bring in some hope with the rates of infection exploding. It is hard not to fall into despair.

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