Day 40: Friday 5 in Phase 1: Friday Visiting Portland

I was saddened not to see the elk statue in Portland today on top of the fountain. I remember when I took the job with the move to here more than twenty years ago, I read about the fountain in a guide book I purchased about Portland. The elk was put up in 1900 and had a strange look. The neck is long and the fountain a bit small for it. I remember seeing it for the first time, and I agreed it is a bit silly looking. Over the years, I always look at it and all but shake my head, it looks terrible.

I missed it today. The protestors burned a bond fire in the fountain and ruined the fountain rim and weakened the stand for the elk. The bronze elk statue was removed to prevent it from falling, possibly hurting or even killing someone. I missed it today as I drove through Portland.


(hard to take a picture and drive around the broken fountain)

The day started for me late at 9 AM. I awoke with a headache and a cough. Pollen is everywhere and thick. I just read emails and played on Facebook for most of the morning. I called and talked to friends. It is Friday, and I took paid-time-off for today and the coming Monday, a long weekend.

Next, I drove through Beaverton onto 205 and then to I-5 to get to my haircut. My second hair cut this year! I have to call ahead to get in. Zerida was happy to see me, and my grays were shortened and corrected quickly.

On the way back home, I decided on something simple, Taco Bell, near my home. I got in the drive-through and soon reached to pay, “The car before you paid for your lunch, sir.” Portland area! Yes, someone, I do not think I know bought my lunch.

I got home, and I saw to Susie getting breakfast and getting started. I then decided to check out Mox Boarding House. It was just opening in Portland. Mox is a board gaming and pub founded up in Seattle and Bellevue and now newly opened in Portland. Today they opened. My friends asked me to check it out.

I was surprised to experience traffic on the way into Portland. The lockdown had made all my previous trips uneventful. It was light traffic, but I got off 26 and headed to Burnside on this side of the river.


(the miniature gaming tables are ready for Warhammer 2000)

It was a short trip. Mox is in the block next to the soccer stadium in Portland, Providence Park. I parked in the garage, and the elevator took me right to Mox. I talked to their gaming people and then had a beer and some drumsticks. It is an excellent place with the bright light you need to play games. The floors are hardwood so that you can find that dropped meeple—everything heavy wood. The few rooms to rent are Costly; I often rent a room at Guardian Games in Portland with the Foyer being our favorite (and the cheapest too) to ensure we have a place to play. Otherwise, we have to have someone come early and jump on a table when it becomes available as the places fill-up. At $50 an hour, I do not expect to rent one at Mox (I am hoping for coupons or deals on rent). I also noticed that the place did not echo like other places.


(these are the food and gaming tables)

Some day when the virus is gone, I imagine playing at Mox. They do not plan to open for games until August 2020. More bright light than you see in most pubs and a chandler; it is like a cross between a gaming store and the John Wick Movie Continental Hotel. I am expecting Winston, the hotel manager in the John Wick movies, to appear at my table to point out that “No business may be conducted on Mox grounds.” I was also looking for the “tasting room” like they have in the Continential. Yes, Mox looks like a gamer Continental Hotel, but sadly no hotel rooms.

I look forward to playing there!

After that, I bought some paint brushes, got my parking validated, and left. I drove to Guardian Games. On the way, I saw all the damage to Portland from the protests and looting and riots. There are a lot of boarded-up windows. It was less destructive than I expected and more extensive than I thought reported. A lot of windows are covered.

Guardian Games has no tables available, they have put them away until we get to a later opening phase in Portland, and I was welcomed in by the staff at the door and asked to follow social distancing at all times and retain my mask on. I know all the people at the store as I am often there on any given Friday to playing games, before the emergency. We were happy to see each other. I looked at the new games and picked up a unique one, Thousand Year Old Vampire, a solo role-playing game. With you using the book to build a vampire and then to write the story of the vampire, sort of a horror generating story from a single book. I have not yet played it–but I have read the reviews and was excited to see it for sale and picked it up immediately. I asked one of the staff, and he had already made multiple vampires! You need two dice and paper or a word processing app. It is replayable. Here is the review which I suggest you watch as this is just so interesting to create a game like this: Review Sit Down and Shut Up.

I drove back, and then I did not see the Elk statue. I am still sad about that. I made cheese and crackers for a dinner-snack.

Today, as I would expect, the stock market reversed and went up and finished the week slightly up. I am still holding on during this crazy ride. I talked to a friend about the market. I am even more directed to equities than bonds. It is just my nature. Right now, that is likely not a great choice, but I understand equities (stocks in companies) better than complex debt instruments (bonds).

The news on the virus is dreadful while I read on Facebook people saying there is no real danger to the virus–I am very frustrated by the lies people are reporting. Today, the virus slew more than eight-hundred forty real people in the USA, including two in Oregon, who would have lived a least a longer life without the infection.

I thought communion of some sort is needed to stop this virus: One Bread, One Body.






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