Day 41: Saturday 5 in Phase 1: Busy Saturday

Today was one of those weekend days where I seem to fit a whole week into the day.

I started at 7AM this Saturday as I could not fall back to sleep, so I got up and started reading stuff on the Internet and doing email.

I received my Dr. Fauci bobble-head today. Five bucks of the price went to help medical people. I just had to have something positive from these terrible times, and a Dr. Fauci bobble-head fundraiser seemed perfect.


I decided this morning to stop work on the Titanic model as it is summer. I like to spend sunny days with people and doing other things. Model building is for when it is raining and dark, so I will return to the Titanic in the fall. It is safely back on a shelf. I will be back to it in October 2020.

I headed out about noon to The Rock again for pizza and a beer–I was there last Saturday for the exact same thing. The pizza and beer were right again, and the bar was empty except for me. I saw a much more careful use of masks and cleaning than I saw last time. They were also not very busy. I suspect the Sunny weekend was drawing people outside and to the coast.

I boxed up the pizza. I only eat two pieces and bring back most of the pizza for lunch for Susie and Corwin.

Today I headed directly home and discovered Corwin’s business partner, Evan, was at the house. I brought in the pizza and then I headed out to Cash and Carry to get some items I do not have. I picked up teriyaki marinade in their gallon size (it is great on steaks and pork chops on the grill). I picked up garlic and ginger paste and various small items that I can get there.

While there at Cash and Carry, I always think about what fundraiser or insane cooking I could do with some of the supplies. I always smile when I see the huge containers of food. Today there was a pallet of white gravy.

Just how much gravy do you need? How many pallets of biscuits are required with a pallet of gravy? Despite all of the virus, politics, and protesting, seeing a pallet of gravy makes my American Mid-Western heart glow. I just love seeing this much gravy, and I think all sorts of silly thoughts when I see it.


I returned home with my new supplies–not gravy this time–and made Pork Vindaloo again. We forgot the onion, and I ended up adding some just to cook with the pork. It was still great. I stuck to the original recipe from Cooks’s magazine, and it was nearly perfect over rice, plain white rice.

We then played the board game The March of the Ants with three players while dinner baked. The game is a favorite game, but I made some mistakes, and we just could not get focused on the game. Corwin ran away with the game.

After dinner, we then played so Susie could join us, Killer Bunnies. A silly card game in which the players spend most of the game trying to get a bunny in play only to have their bunnies wiped out by various terrible weapons and goofy events. Susie and Evan were leading the whole game. Evan had a what looked like a whole zoo of bunnies for part of the play. Corwin managed to get just a few carrots in the game. I sadly finished the game with a bunny but without a single carrot. Corwin was discovered to have the Magic Carrot (randomly picked) and won the game. In simple terms, it is just a fun game.


That was the end of the night, and I started writing this blog very late as we played to about 11PM.

The reports show the loss of more than seven-hundred twenty people today in the USA.

I found this song only in Spanish, but it is a lovely communion song, and I wanted to include it today (Methodist Hymnal #637): Una Espiga. If your Spanish is not up to this, there are translations online of this hymn.



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