Day 42 (42+77): Sunday 5 in Phase 1 (still): Wins and Losses

This is again Sunday and part of my newest stay-cation. I am off on Monday too.

“Lasker” was woken this morning. I own a chess computer that is the Lasker Edition of Millennium’s best chess computer, The King. I received an email that there was a significant software upgrade for Lasker Edition and so I applied the changes and printed out the new manual, more than 29 pages long, last week. I wanted to try out the latest software.

Lasker Edition has the same features as Millennium’s new Fischer Edition, the latest product–I believe already sold-out. The Lasker Edition was limited to only 150 units and was first used by students in a mass play to celebrate Lasker‘s life on his 150th birthday. I bought it, it was expensive, for my birthday and Lasker and Capablanca are my two chess heroes. Lasker had a doctorate of mathematics, and his thesis adviser was the legendary David Hilbert, the man who still challenges us with his 23 problems.

My Lasker Edition was updated and ready to use. I unboxed it, I put it away when I get too busy for chess, most of the time. I played three games of chess, white each time (e-4)—the first I just simply melted-down against the machine. I was playing with the buttons to see all the new features. The second game Lasker Edition pulled out the Sicilian Dragon on me. I enjoyed watching Lasker Edition put together the Dragon while I tried to put on the defenses! It then systematically demolished me and finished me off after I fumbled.

The next game Lasker Edition went for a less robust version of Sicilian, Sveshnikov Variation (interestingly originally named after Lasker). I had just looked at these openings on-line, and so I remember it was more aggressive and had more risk than the Dragon, which is saying a lot. I admit I took a few hints from the computer, but generally, I was playing what I saw as the right move. I also abandoned more than one feeble suggestion.

I managed to win, my first time with or without hints ever getting a checkmate on Lasker Edition. The opening, randomly picked, was weak against all my defenses so carefully learned in the previous game where I was crushed. I managed to exchange out all the major pieces and to promote a pawn. It was a long finish with just two pawns, queen, and knight. Lasker Edition had exchanged the bishop for two passed pawns, but the pawns were not near promotion.


I then got a text for lunch. Nobody was really moving this morning, so I agreed and went to Wild Buffalo Wings for a cheap beer (Blue Moon was $3). Masks were on by the staff, but customers were less careful. After finishing lunch and seeing my friend off, I then tried to see what was happening REI next door, but they had a line to get in, socially distanced. I headed to Ace Hardware. Corwin needed some supplies for blacksmithing. I got the bolts (and matching socket and wrench, just in case) and WD-40 (now with a built-in sprayer).

I made it home and got Susie breakfast and then got to enjoy a Migraine headache with even visional issues. I am drinking coffee at 9:45PM, as that often helps. The pain is still there. I had to lay down and somehow ignore the light show (even with my eyes shut) and fall asleep. The only way to stop the impact is to stop, get somewhere without bright light, and sleep so the spasming muscles near my optic nerve with stop crushing the blood vessels. I have just a small headache now. And as usual, the pain is on the opposite side as the optic nerve crosses to the opposite side.

With the rest and some coffee and aspirin, I was able to get dinner going. Filet mignons from the Schwan’s truck soaked in teriyaki sauce from Cash and Carry (the gallon container) is dinner tonight. And will be usable after being defrosted by soaking in the sink under running water.

I peeled potatoes as they looked a bit greenish. I had more Schwan products, green beans. I mashed the potatoes; Susie loves mashed. I took almond silvers and cooked them in some butter and a bit of salt. I added the defrosted beans to that. I then fried the green beans a bit in the saucepan. It really picks up the frozen beans to wilt them a bit. Steaks were just cooked on the gas grill. I managed to get the filets medium to medium-rare.

I keep tapping my new Dr. Fauci Bobblehead every time I think about the virus infection rate today. It helps. You might want to get one.

The death rate today from the virus in the USA was under three-hundred eighty. The infection rate is explosive.

I think we have done this song before, but I found this really lovely version, and it seems good for the times, Whom Shall I Send?

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