Day 43 (+77): Monday 6 Phase 1 (still): Monday off

I continued my stay-cation.

Starting in the middle, I decided that I was stiff and it was a beautiful sunny day and drive to Hillsboro. The county courthouse there has a grove of redwood’s planted more than a hundred years ago (there is a plaque that tells you this and the date the trees were planted). The trees are massive now and young for redwoods. Today was a great day to see them.


They are about the width of a car now and about five huge trees and one small one.


Before I walked to the redwoods, I stopped by our other local gaming store, Rune and Board. I was tempted as they had a copy of Brass: Lancaster for sale, actually two copies. I talked to the store owner, and there are, and this often happens to games, distribution issues, and it is now hard to get a copy of Brass: Lancaster. The game is rated as the 18th best boardgame. Instead, I bought some dice; I always buy something if I stop into a gaming store. I will likely be back for that boardgame, but I can’t play it until we get this virus thing worked out.


I stopped by the hobby store in Hillsboro, and the usual old grumpy men were there. They knew me and were happy to have me buy some glue (I needed some) and to say hello after six months. They have a Battlestar Galactica Colonial One model that was tempting. I play a board where there is a 2-D version of Colonial One, and it might be neat to have a 3-D version. Actually, they have some of the best models for sale many on my shelf, waiting for me to build them. I just did the glue this time.

An older man demanded I give him money on the sidewalks of Hillsboro, he was not wearing a mask, and then called me a “Dick Bag” for ignoring him. Before accosting me, he was having a loud discussion with himself, and I do hope he can help. I assume he wanted to call me a “dick-head” for wearing a mask and a “douche-bag” for not giving him money, which he collapsed for brevity to “Dick Bag.” I stepped out of his way, and he went by calling me names and went on his way.

I dropped off my purchases in Air Volvo (the name of my car) and took my Apple laptop and headed to Insomnia Coffee. I wanted to do some writing. Insomnia is now open for limited seating and hours. The process of getting coffee is a bit more restrained, but I managed to score the last of the lemon pound cake and found a seat. Most of the chairs are packed in a pile in the back of the main room. I miss the noisy coffee houses to write where I might need headphones. Just a few customers stayed.

There, I returned to my Howard story and added a few more paragraphs. It is a transitional part of the story so I have been a bit put-off to start it. I have finally started on the transition. The coffee and cake helped.

After saving my work, thanking the folks for coffee and cake, and driving back, I returned home after purchasing the items I forgot to have in the Safeway order this morning. I try to have groceries delivered–I do want to shop as I see folks refusing to be careful when I am shopping. I missed a few items so I quickly and safely bought in Safeway (which has unexpectedly switched doors for exit and entrance from what they were before.

Susie had an appointment with Zerida, which included a driver to get here there, nails, toes, and face treatments. She returned before I did. Susie was surprised; it does not happen that often, that I was not home.

Now home, I made Moroccan style chicken with preserved lemons and olives with couscous with raisins and almonds. I make it my dutch oven as I do not, yet, have a tagine. I sent one, via Amazon, to my sister with all the spices and lemons for her birthday coming up soon. Linda will have time to work out how to use it for her birthday on the 23rd.

The day started at about eight. I played a couple of games of chess against my chess computer. The first game was again a crushing defeat for me. In the second game, I tried using hints. I would decide on a move and then see if it matched the Lasker Edition Chess Computer hint. I would later try to find out what I missed that the computer saw. I did manage to break open the Sicilian Dragon this time, and with all the hints, black fell.

Right after that, I got Susie ready, and when she left, I headed out on this sunny July. I feel very stiff and needed to walk.

I was a bit tired as I stayed up to 1ish the night before for a Kickstarter I found where you hold a mad tea party with little dishes. I ordered two copies as one can be a Christmas gift. I liked the idea of having a tea party and trying to guess who is playing which character while everyone takes turns setting the table for tea. A simple but fun game: Where am I?

I did not watch the market, but I saw some alerts that the market was up and down.

Tapping Dr. Fauci Bobblehead, the reports show the death count for today at more than four-hundred sixty in the USA.

Here is an old song about rescuing people with a light, an old American Hymn: Let The Lower Lights Be Burning.

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