Day 44 (+77): Tuesday 5 Phase 1 (still): Return to work

A short story today as I am back to work.

Back to work at 6AM this morning. It was hard to get going, and I did drink half a pot of coffee and then went for a short walk between Zoom calls.

I did a crisis of the moment a few times and had had a Zoom meeting that broke into discussion rooms. I had not done that before. I would recommend that.

I was double book a few times and had to come to some meetings late.

I was tired by the time the Zoom calls finally stopped. Tea in the late afternoon!

I made chicken noodle soup from a can for lunch.

We ordered a lot of Chinese food from the local Stir Crazy Kitchen for dinner.

My fortune: As long as you don’t sign up for anything new, you’ll do fine.

That makes me go hmmmmm.

Corwin’s business partner, Evan, was here, so we played a game Corwin has wanted to play again. It is the short 4X style game and a fun game to play: Mara Nostrum. I won playing the culture of Greece. Evan was just learning and was Rome–invaded Carthage. Corwin played Carthage and came close to winning despite fighting off Rome.


Tonight I was talking to a friend outside. I am scared of calm windless or nearly windless clear nights. The nightmares that scare me the most are set in front of a home with me out on the street on a calm windless night. And then something starts to happen, the trees move without wind and/or I see figures coming for me, and I have to get back in the house–I make it. The dream starts over. I am further away and more things happen. I make it. The dream starts over. I am in the same calm night but now down the street. Everything is forgotten, and I am chatting and having a nice time with friends. Then bad things start happening. I remember now that I need to get home, and I am so far now from home. I run and more things happen. I get to the door and a burst of hideous laughter happens in my ear–I can feel how close it is–It scares me and I know I did not make it. I wake up. Sleep is over for that night.

I am nervous in Oregon calm lovely nights.

I know my experience in Michigan with night tornadoes that created this fear in me, but in Michigan, you should be scared! It is not a debilitating fear–just something that makes me nervous and makes stargazing more difficult.

The stock market was up over five hundred.

The reports are that over nine-hundred thirty-five Americans died from the virus. I tap my Dr. Fauci Bobble-head to stay safe!

I found this Thank you song.

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