Day 45: Wednesday 5 Phase 1 (still): Working

Just a short note. I am unusually tired today.

I made tacos for dinner and then read for a bit, and then we watched Nova on PBS. The show was how North American was created. Geology was my first love of science. Math and Computer Science came much later. Well, there were few computers back in the 1960s.  Next week is the story of life on the continent. It should be educational, and the visuals amazing!

Going backward in my story today, I had to head out to get Susie’s prescription for Thursday before I made dinner. Once-a-week-pill for Osteoporosis was re-filled. Plus, a box of chocolates (Susie is always surprised and happy to get chocolates). I also got some blacksmith supplies for Corwin: Propane and some staps to secure the mini-forge better. Corwin started hammer again today starting on making a dagger-like knife.

Before leaving I was working on-line. I had meetings all day, texts, emails, Teams, and even a call. More challenges. I did slip out at 10:30 and went for a walk. I am very stiff and so I am trying to get out more. My right knee and leg are painful and I nearly fell from the sudden pain and lack of movement in RiteAid. If it gets worse I will have to do something about it.

I found something to look at on my walk.


I reheated the soup and Chinese food from last night for lunch.

It was a very early start.

The stock market continues to go up on optimism from reasonable job numbers and the hope for a vaccine. But, there are issues with the liquidity that was the fixed used to recover from the initial crash back in March. We are seeing the BNY Mellon earning, reported today, going down as the possible excessive liquidity has put a floor under interest rates. I have read reports that hedge funds are also being challenged to make a good return as the floor has made it hard to find good deals. The Fed and Central Banks have created liquidity to prevent the collapse of lending and giving “fallen angels” a second chance. Now BNY Mello and hedge funds cannot find good deals or even good returns. This is the moral hazard we were warned about when we decided to rescue the airlines, travel companies, and so on. I do not disagree with what The Fed and Central Banks did, but we should understand that non-elected officials have picked winners and losers–a moral hazard. Now banks and investors are starting to see negative impacts.

The reports are that more than nine-hundred ninety Americans lost their fight with the virus today. The death rates, infection rates, and lockdowns are increasing again. We did not enter phase 2 in Oregon. We started, as my count show, our 45th day in phase 1 opening. Today the Govern of Oregon’s order that masks are to be worn outdoors went into effect.

I found this version from Medford down south of us: Creating God, Your Finger Trace. It is not polished but I liked it.



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