Day 46 (+77): Thursday 5: Zooming

The day started a bit later for me. I was going to get up early to try to see the comet, but the sunrise was too soon, and well, I stayed in bed to 7ish.

I started with emails and trying to get a handle on the outstanding items. I do them while in the various Zoom status meetings. I was busy through the many sessions. We did have another meeting on Race Relations, and my boss Brad had a framework to help.

I received a few packages while the status and various meetings were ongoing. The Anarchist produced a guide for people facing federal charges, A Tilted Guide To Being A Defendant. I am concerned and wanted to be more informed, and this seemed an interesting purchase from Amazon. We have Federal Marshals now in Portland arresting protestors–I want to understand what this means.

I bought a new coffee brush that was delivered with the book–we are grinding our beans, so we need to brush out the dust. I do not know where the old brush went, but I suspect someone found it to be an inferior brush for apply barbeque sauce. So coffee brush for grinding your own coffee and DIY protesting book delivered–things to get a liberal going in the morning!

I also received my new mask from AdaFruit in New York City. It has to be wiped or sprayed as it lights up and recharges.


(I am not a Cylon)

I watched a bit of Bloomberg market news today. The market gave back much of its earnings for the week today. The reporting again had stories related to the floor that The Fed and Central Banks have put in the market. Folks are buying up bonds as they believe the chances of default are almost non-existent at this time. I also heard talk about a tech-bubble. The most revealing information was that the trading houses are making a killing as folks churn the market with buy and sell orders and options contract purchases.

I see if I can find the comet in the night sky.

Today the people killed in the USA from the virus is over nine-hundred ninety, including two from Oregon and fourteen from Michigan.

I thought this would be a good song for today: O DAY OF PEACE.


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