Day 131: Thursday with Zoom

A sad day for me.

Today started a bit late as it was hard to start. I had problems sleeping last night, and so I was not feeling up to facing the world. The world started anyway, and Nike announced layoffs of all the teachers and people from the day school. Nike will no longer have service at WHQ. One of my favorite things, when I worked on campus at WHQ Nike, was to see the little people marching around the lake and the little carts full of the smaller folks. I cannot believe that day-care and all the kids will now be gone from WHQ. We will never see the little folks again, and I am very sad about that change.

Work went on, and I did many tasks while listening on Zoom calls. Today was a lot of status and planning as we start the next work increment. I was responding to technical items while in the Zoom calls. I try to remember to go on mute and take down the video when I am busy with other tasks.

I had DoorDash deliver Einstein Bagles lox bagels and a dozen more bagels for later. I had another bagel for lunch and for a snack later.

Unrelated to the news about the loss of childcare at Nike, I liquidated much of my remaining holding of options and stock today. I have been selling most of my stock holdings over the last couple of weeks. I feel that the recovering is not happening and we are headed to deeper bad times. People are not working in many industries.

With the money, I plan to pay off the car and other items and hunker-down even a bit more. My 401K is still in the market but even that is making me nervous. I am not quite ready to join the gold bugs and coin hoarders, but I am concerned, and this way, I am reducing my personal exposure to risk for shorter-term assets.

Do have to admit that reducing the money spent on books (even Kindle) and board games may require more strength of will than I have: Mr. Wick. I will try to have a focus.

Dinner was ribeye steaks done on the gas grill with just salt and pepper. I made steamed carrots. I made egg-noodles with butter and a touch of Herb de Provence and salt. As usual, I did not put enough salt on everything, but I have high blood pressure and salt is “white-death” to me so I use it lightly (I use unsalted butter).

Impacting my decision to sell everything today was the US market fall of more than three-hundred fifty points. I felt I should get out while I still can (I still have Virgin Galactic and Ford just for emotional reasons). I will know by the year-end if I was right.

No comment on the protesting as all that is in the international news.

I hope to head to Mox on Friday afternoon, Nike closes at noon on Fridays. I want to see how they are doing after a few weeks of being open. Have to support the local gaming company.

The reports show that more than eleven-hundred Americans’ lives were cut short today by the virus.

I found this choir for today’s song: How Excellent.

Here is the sunset looking from my deck in the back.


(the comet Neowise is the other direction and is obscured by all the trees)

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