Day 130: Wednesday Approval Day

We just got home tonight, and after a short rest, I started to write this.

A short story today as most of the day was working.

We previously stopped at the gas station to get gas for Air Volvo, the name of my car. Air Volvo was showing a warning light and counting down until it runs out of gas. It starts at fifty miles and lets you know how many miles you have left. I have filled the car four times now since the emergency.

Before gassing up and making Air Volvo stop warning about having only fifty miles left, we went to the Rockcreek Tavern McMenamin for a beer with a friend. Susie had a plain cheeseburger with bacon on the side, I had a Portland Dip (instead of beef it has turkey), and the same for our friend. We had masks as did most folks. Everything was served correctly, timely, and with a mask.

Before we headed to dinner, I worked until 6PM approving various documents and reviewing designs all afternoon. It is the last day of the current work increment, and I discovered as Technical Architect, I am the approver all of the work. All of which I helped design and agreed too. Thus, it was not challenging to accept it all–it just took all day.

An aside, on one of the calls we talked about NFL and I, thought a picture of the award we got for making all the emergency changes to Nike computer years ago for the NFL contract would be fun. We get just one shoe, and this one was in bright colors and a metal tag.


(Getting NFL right was critical to Nike. The shoe means a lot to me)

One of my favorite parts of watching an NFL game on TV is when the camera pans, and I see the crowd wearing all Nike t-shirts and jerseys. We made that all work, and it took multiple enhancements and some “pixie dust” I invented. It is a thrill for me when I see the crowds at a game in our bright sportswear.

Returning to our story, lunch was Burger King drive-thru, I love their burgers and a McDonald Happy Meal for Susie.

I started at about 7AM and was busy answering emails and being part of Zoom meetings. Most I had to say something, so I was working much of the morning.

The market was headed up again. I was so busy I did not catch much of the news. It appears that the market is still happy about a vaccine for the virus and some form of stimulus coming from Washington, D.C.

On the protesting, Portland found a new way to be annoying to the Federal troops. Apparently, leafblowers work to send the tear gas canisters back into the Federal police forces. I read that this is genuinely unexpected and frustrating to the Fed cops. I also read a report that Mayor Wheeler is fed-up and has joined the protestors–a unique Portland solution, but not likely to be true**. And, acting Secretary Wolf was quoted that the Federal forces are making “pre-emptive” arrests for protesting–which is a head-scratching comment.

The reports show that more than twelve-hundred Americans perished from the virus today.

With no attempt at irony, I found this song and thought this lockdown version was nice: Pass it On.

**Update: Mayor Wheeler was at the protest to talk to people when he was tear-gassed.

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