Day 129: Tuesday

Yesterday was actually 128th and not 127th day. A standard mistake of off-by-one-error from a computer person.

Today started at 6ish, and I got to enjoy problems all morning and part of the afternoon that required frequent trips to the restroom. Not the kind of day I wanted!

Work was filled with more Zoom calls and many questions. I applied a fix to some software and then sent it to the next environment. With sudden brakes and rushing off to the loo.

So work was Zoom and talking and applying fixes.

I then had to stop for a while and enjoy the discomfiture of intestinal issues. This is a side effect of one of my drugs, and I must have had too much masked (mashed) potatoes and got me out of sorts.

Lunch was from Gyro House and a bit heavy. I figured I might need some food with the other issues.

I took a nap or two and then helped with a fix at Nike again.

I made dinner of pork chops fried in butter with Herbs de Provence and then baked in the pan for twenty minutes to finish them (and it goes without saying that one must not grab the metal handle of a pan that was in a 350F oven). I made couscous with almonds, cranberries, and raisins cooked in butter with cinnamon, and a touch of cardamom finished with chicken broth. I did run my hand under cold water–no damage just a reminder. Canned peaches were also served.

So just a dull day.


I thought I should show the Volvo Cave without protestors, teargas, or naked people. We are not sure if there are any secret Federals agents–the squirrels do look a bit guilty. The crows are watchful.

So far, the only protestors we have at the house are very small. The problem is that ant-man came and sprayed, and now we have twice as many pissed off ants in the house. Our pests are running around very fast and look very unhappy.

One of my favorite figure companies, Antideluvioan miniatures, they still only do metal, has the old Dungeon and Dragon Cartoon characters as grown-ups in 28mm metal back in stock. I got the figures in a Kickstarter, which included Dungeon Master (I am currently using the DM figure as I am playing a gnome wizard in the currently on-hold Sunday game) and others.


(here are a few)

The market was up again in hopes of a solution to the virus, and maybe Washington D.C. might do another stimulus package. The EU managed to settle on a stimulus package that is long term. Also, Elon of Telsa got a multi-billion dollar bonus. My 401K has again entered positive territory for the year.

The reports show, and this saddens me, that the deaths in the USA for today broke above one-thousand one-hundred.

I found the author of the hymn singing: Soon and Very Soon. I think we need a happy song about things getting better.


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