Day 135: Monday Again

Back to work again about 6ish. Monday is now mostly status meetings and checking up on tasks for me. I can get little work done as Zoom meetings are all day. I managed a few items by email, and we did get some planning done for our up-coming data conversions. The day ran until about 6PM. I did manage to take a break in the afternoon, but it is too hot, 95F+, for a walk, so I just read and relaxed.

I made a chicken salad last night. In the 15 minutes I had for lunch, I made a chicken salad sandwich and ate it while a meeting was going on. We had a lunchtime meeting on how to be an ally on race issues. These are meetings where I listen and try to grasp what I need to do.

I received an order from eBay today. I ordered binoculars, and they finally arrived from the company that makes them, Oberwerk. I had looked up the best for general use, and stargazing and these 8×42 binoculars were recommended. I tried them out, and they do very well. The weight gets heavy after a while, but it is not impossible to hold them up for long periods. I am now ready for the next sky event!


As work finished, I contacted a friend, and Susie and I meet her at the Golden Valley Brewery for dinner of burgers and beer. It is a hot night, but burgers and beer make it a bit better.

While writing this, I have been slipping outside looking at the stars and the moon with my new binoculars. We have a lot of light pollution in Aloha, but still, I could see many stars. Neowise is too low for me to see it tonight.

The market went up and down with the dollar sinking, and I believe I heard quiet worried talk about inflation starting soon. Gold is flying up as doubts emerge about the future of the US dollar. There were also chats about the moral peril of supporting airlines and other industries that could face a long downside. Nobody is talking about the dreaded ‘W’ recovery, yet. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 10.26.39 PM

** Today’s chart from

Today almost six-hundred Americans are reported slain by the virus. The death rate is increasing.

I found this name by flipping through the Methodist Hymnal, and I think I have sung it once at church–the name is so odd I remember being startled when I was told to turn to “Number 150: God, Who Stretched the Spangled Heavens.”


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