Day 136: Tuesday with Vindication

Work started at 6AM with a 7AM all-employee meeting hosted by Nike’s CEO, John Donahoe. The re-organization and layoffs were covered in the meeting. It always depresses me no matter how well done.

After that, the Zoom meetings started and consumed the rest of the day. I had little time to do more than deal with a few crises of the moment. I notice that there is now a stronger sense of urgency, almost fear, to get things done on time or to cut scope to ensure timely completion. Combine that with the Covid-19, Black-lives-matter, and layoffs, and we have a serious bunch of stressed-out people now at Nike.

Susie was up a bit early today, so I made her a chicken salad sandwich for lunch. I had one just before she was up.

Corwin and his business partner, Evan, had macaroni and cheese with peppers and Italian sausage for a late lunch and then left-overs for dinner. Susie and I had roast beef sandwiches for dinner. I had a salad as a snack later. Susie had ice cream.

Before snacking, Evan and I played one of my favorite games, Vindication. It was a learning game as Evan had not played it before, and I had not played it for quite some time. Once we got going, it played well and is never that repetitive.  I was involved in a little way of designing the game and know the game designer. I supported it in Kickstarter.

Evan discovered that he had the monster slayer and started to rack-up points and nearly caught me. I won with only 13 points ahead!

That is about it today. I did walk to the end of the street and back as it was only in the eighties today. I also did some research on Python-based machine learning during lunch–closing the Nike laptop for an hour.

Sorry for a short story today, but it was mostly boring stuff today.

I also had another migraine headache today that sort of made it a bit hard to write today.

I did not watch the market much. From what little I saw, the reports are about the dollar weakening is the big story. I am planning on hard-times and hoping I am wrong.

More than one-thousand two-hundred Americans are reported to have died from the virus today.

I found this hymn that I have never heard, Methodist Hymnal #728, and by Duke Ellington: Come Sunday.

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