Day 137: Wednesday with Migraine


I awoke this morning with a continuation of the migraine I had started on Tuesday night.

Susie then asked me if she was dying. I was concerned as you can imagine. Susie was dreaming that her family was all here and she thought it was because she was so ill. The dream faded, and she was OK.

That put me in a very strange place emotionally with the migraine burning in my head and vision and Susie scaring me. I decided that I would take the day off as my emotions were in the wrong place.

I also received an email that suggested that our solution for converting data had been abandoned and that leadership wanted another miracle. My emotions were no place for that.

I got up and did all the electronic paperwork to take a day of paid-time-off (PTO). It was already too bright for me. Oregon is no longer gray but burning desert bright, but I could use just a few more days of gray, please. I put the out-of-office notice on and closed the laptop. I will not open it until after 9PM for a meeting set in India.

I returned to my staple for illness. I do not watch that many programs, but Deadliest Catch is one I follow. I watched all the episodes I missed. Crab fishing is fun to watch, and they are local heroes here in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). I play board games, and role-playing games (RPG) with a former captain of the fishing boats, and his family is still involved in fishing. It is cheering for the PNW and Alaska teams!

Nobody was up today. I decided to try a new place for lunch. I don’t cook Mexican style and was missing Mexican food. Victorico’s was delivered via GrubHub, beef tamales, rice, beans, and an extra beef crunching taco. It was more food than I usually order, and it was good. So Victorico’s is added to the possible lunch deliveries.

I then got Susie going and went to read. My head still hurts, but reading did not hurt. I think it distracts me from the pain.

I have a subscription to Strategy and Tactics Quarterly (STQ) that publish a single subject by a single author such as this one’s title, “Whirlwind: Kursk to Berlin,” about the Soviet and Fascist eastern front. More than a hundred pages, with few ads, of color maps and descriptions of battle after battle. Not everyone’s cup of tea, I understand, but STQ and their books are a detail that historians and gamer love. This publication includes notes of new sources and where the author has doubts. If you want to know everything about the Soviet-Nazi-Romanian-Bulgarian-Finland-Hungry-Yugoslavia front, that is the current scholarship and at the level that most wargamers and historians need, this is it.

If you want the American Revolutionary War details, that was the last issue–you can borrow mine. Their books on WWI, American Civil War, and Custer are treasured by me.

Corwin made dinner. Grilled chicken with alfredo sauce on the gas grill. We also ordered new parts for the grill after looking at it.

My head hurts still, but I helped a little with dinner. I watched the news while eating and tried to relax a bit.

Susie started her shows, I then watched the PBS show “Making of North America: Life” on my Apple. I would say it does for geology was Cosmos did for astronomy, wow! Just want to get out there and find a rock!

Which made me miss the first 15 of a late meeting for work. I managed my apologies and I think was able to help my Nike colleague Archana based in Bangalore India.

Archana called me back and we talked about the call and then we wandered-off topic and discussed our favorite topic: food! Dosa was the topic as it is one of my favorites. She makes the batter from scratch! I would always have some in India when I visit. Always fun to talk about culture!

Due to my migraine, I ignore the stock market.

The death rate in the used states increased to more than thirteen-hundred today.

I have never sung this song and I found this homey version online, Methodist Hymnal #411, Dear Lord, Lead Me Day by Day. This is a melody from the Philippines.

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