Day 138: Working Thursday

I have a headache this evening. It just started—time to stop soon.

Working backward, I was just re-reading the Strategy and Tactics Quarterly magazine on The American Revolution. Someone might want to read it, so I was just looking at it again and reading a bit.

I made dinner tonight of couscous, green beans with butter and almonds, and chicken Cordon Blu from frozen from Schwan’s. This is one of Susie’s favorite dinners and is simple to make and to eat.

I was watching some more of Nova’s “Making North American” series I purchase to watch on my Apple computer while cooking and cleaning. I usually find something to watch while cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. Again, this show makes you want to get out a shovel and see what is under the house!

As I started cooking, Corwin’s business partner left. He played me in two games of the board game Vindication before he left, I lost both. It was nice to play this game again, even with Evan taking me both times!

Before that, I received a text from Casey, one of the other gamers I never win against, that Twilight Imperium 4 board game just had an expansion released. After some trouble, I have ordered the new parts. The GenCon gaming convention is the once a year event where expansions and new games are launched. It is an online convention this year.

Work ended mid-afternoon. I spent the day rushing from a Zoom call to the next. I was out ill yesterday, and so it was a catch-up day thick with politics and a bit of fear. Layoffs and project deadlines are hitting at the same time. Add lockdown-virus, riots, and Black-Live-matters, and you have some serious mixed-up people at Nike.

Today started with me just waking without pain. No migraine today. Susie was also good.

I had no time for the stock market again. It went down from what I saw.

More than fourteen-hundred American deaths were reported today.

I think I did this one before but is good for a repeat, Methodist Hymn #159, Lift High the Cross.


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