Day 139: Friday with mistakes

When you get out of your car in the parking garage and notice that no wallet is in your pocket and your wallet is not sitting in the car, there is a moment of just unbelievable shame. How could I be that distracted to get in the car and drive to Portland and park the car without any money, ID, or credit cards? Yup, completely empty. Back in the car, out of the garage, $0.00, and back home. I was not that upset, just totally surprised.

That is the middle of my day. I decided that I should at least enjoy the ride back. I turn up the music and take Burnside back over the hill instead of the highway and tunnel. It is a wonderful day.

I see the traffic out of Beaverton on TV highway. It is so backed-up on this lovely Friday that lanes are full all the way to the traffic lights. It is likely an hour or more to get through Beaverton headed to Portland. My direction, the opposite, is mostly clear and, with few exceptions, are running 10 over the speed limit–never happens.

I stop by the house to get my wallet. I get lunch at Taco Bell. The car line is long. I connect to wifi and do my email while I wait and read the news. Very relaxing wait and I order my favorite listening to public radio stories. I park in the lot and eat, listen, and use my laptop. I look over and there are multiple cars filled with folks enjoying tacos. We all wave to each other.

I drive to Hillsboro and park easy. I walk over to the local gaming store, Rune and Board, and now with my wallet and discover a physically smaller copy of some rules I always wanted, are only $20. I get that, Starfinder.

I then walked over to Insomnia Coffee. There I purchased a coffee and write for a few hours. I worked on my “Howard’s Lockdown” story and finally find an ending for the story that worked. I also purchased a cinnamon roll that I had split and brought Susie the other half.

So a nice relaxing afternoon. I took a nap, got up, made tacos, and started some more writing revising my work from the afternoon.

Writing the blog now.

Returning to the very morning, I started at 6ish and immediately found India based folks looking for me. I worked then on upgrades all morning. I barely had time to take a shower and dress. I had a few meetings that I did while working on all the issues that started popping up. Some very frustrating.

I also had to scare away a huge raccoon in the backyard.

I was happy with the morning finishing and decided to head to Portland to see the new gaming store Mox Board House. I forgot my wallet.

I did not watch the market again.

More than fourteen-hundred people in American died from the virus today.

I went with this hymn as it is from 1544, Christain People, Raise Your Song, Methodist Hymnal # 636, sorry only instrumental versions showed today.

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