Day 144: Just Thursday

Late on Wednesday, we worked out that the upgrades would have to wait until we had the software properly installed. That meant I could sleep! It also was true that I was not needed until a bit later on Thursday. So more sleep. I also had some meetings cancel, so I slipped in a couple naps. I am feeling much more human now.

Again, I had to deal with the crisis of the moment at Nike this morning and afternoon. I had hours of Zoom meetings. All of which was easier to do after having some sleep.

This will be a short story as I have to admit the moment I had a break, I took a nap. I also did all the laundry. I like to do it on Thursday day so it is all done for the weekend.

At midday, I ordered lunch from Victorico’s Mexican Food (Tanasborne), a pair of tacos made with ground beef, and a chile relleno that was very spicy and not that great. The tamales and tacos are good–I will stick to them.

After lunch, I had a few more emergencies of the moment, mostly about the software install and data conversions. I slipped in a few naps too.

Waking from a nap in which I dreamed I had slept too late and missed getting my blog done today, I saw it was getting late to make dinner. It was one of those teacher-dreams where you are asked where your home-work is. Funny that doing this blog is now showing up in my waking dreams.

It was after 6PM when I started, I made a simple dinner of Chicken Kiev, frozen from Schwans, with rice, and I peeled and sliced carrots that I then steamed. Susan thought I had put brown sugar on the carrots, just a sprinkle of salt and butter because they were so sweet flavored. They were fresh Oregon carrots.

I went out and looked at Saturn with my new binoculars and could just make out a ring.

Finally, I started to write this, and my Apple decided it needed a break and rebooted.


So not a very interesting day. I did pay-off Air Volvo today and another loan. I am paying everything off these months.

Today the US market did continue to go up with more indexes recovering and moving into positive territory. Food prices are headed up also. I also heard that there is a new bail-out for REITs being considered. Again, the government might start picking winners and losers.

The reports are showing that more than twelve-hundred Americans died from the virus today.

Today’s hymn is not one I know, Methodist Hymnal #290, and I find this quiet version, enjoy,  Go to Dark Gethsemane.




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